Reviews: Anonymous

Central Palma Youth Hostel

Palma de Mallorca, Spain

Two Spanish men who work in the reception are rude, make drama about nearly everything and make guests feeling even guilty about their stay. The staff even promotes extremely loud sounds, shouting and door slamming until 2 or 3 am because receptionists take part in parties in the bar downstairs and does not ask the loud customers to respect the others. I was also disgusted by dirty and stained bed linen because other people’s public hairs were found on my sheet and pillowcase.

Hatters on Newton Street

Manchester, England

Cold, cold, cold, cold, cold ... and they charge you for sleeping in a cold place - bedroom cold, shower room cold, toilets cold . There is nothing you can do about that because of old window frames letting the wind comming through. I was lucky enough to take another duvet from a bed next to me. In terms of how quality are beds, forget about comfortable sleep. My duvet inside a cover was filthy and I found a couple of long hair on my bed sheet. I was really happy when the next morning came.