Reviews: rionafaith

Location: USA, Gender: Female, Age: 27

Nomad Cave Hostel

Goreme, Turkey

I never thought the comfiest dorm bed I'd have in Turkey would be in a cave -- loved it here. The staff was amazing: always offering us wine or pastries they had baked when we were just hanging out (and it's a great place for that). They let me check in early since I had just gotten off a night bus, and let me have breakfast though I'd just arrived. So sweet and very helpful with recommendations and booking tours. Met so many other people here, I miss hanging out with them on the great terrace!

Chambers of the Boheme

Istanbul, Turkey

The location was great, but I was not impressed otherwise. Reviews say good things about the owner but I wonder if he leaves them himself: I found his questions invasive and flirty "jokes" obnoxious. I get enough harassment as a solo woman traveler in Turkey, don't need to get it from staff at my hostel too. Very few toilets and showers and they were dirty. No good common area so hard to meet people. Plus the only place I've stayed in Turkey without free breakfast... why?

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Thank you Riona for your comment and feedback. I apologize for the bad experience you had and it surely disappoints us that you were not satisfied. I am personally not quiet sure what happened with the flirty jokes. I am sorry that you had to go through that but I can promise I will look into the problem and solve it. No woman should be harassed anywhere in the world. For the other concerns, we will increase the quality of the service offered to make everything cleaner and more comfortable.

Artemis Yoruk Hotel

Pamukkale, Turkey

Meh, nothing special, but you're not gonna spend more than a night in Pamukkale. Average food, average staff, average beds. Only one key to each dorm (has to be returned to the desk) and the bathroom door wouldn't close -- awkward when strangers are in the room. Young children were running all around the pool with no supervision or parents in sight, which was very uncomfortable and dangerous. Easy to find though -- signs everywhere from the minibus drop-off.

Boomerang Guesthouse

Selcuk, Turkey

Nice staff & great location: right across the park from the bus station, convenient for getting the shuttle to Ephesus. Great food and beautiful garden restaurant area. The dorm is a little weird though: Down in the basement with not even a door off the stairs and very little room for your luggage... no lockers or anything. Still, it served a purpose and was fine for 2 nights!

Big Apple Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Amazingly helpful and friendly staff (always offering tea, etc.), comfortable, and clean. The location is great for seeing the old city sights but it's definitely a tourist trap area. Half their safety deposit boxes don't work but they have huge lockers under the beds so no worries. I stayed in the big 14-bed dorm and it was actually quite nice. Their rooftop has a great view, nice seating, and a refreshing breeze, and the breakfast is THE BEST!

Jordan Tower Hostel

Amman, Jordan

No free lockers -- you have to pay 1JD per day for them, and the keys are extremely fiddly. I hate when places don't just let you use your own lock! They also have a weird key situation for the dorms -- there is only one key for each room but they don't make it clear that you're supposed to return it to the desk, so someone is always running off with it. Why even have a key to a dorm then? The staff is friendly and try their best, but they're not that helpful. The breakfast is great though!

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Clearly we failed to impress on this occasion.... however most hostels charge for locker use . I never found the locker key fiddly but anyway.. Regarding the key for the room. Most people know the drill, leave the key at reception before going out! most hotels request guests follow this rule, its expensive if you lose the key and you would have to pay for that. Plus the key is so you can lock from inside :) Regarding staff not helpful.?? we have the most helpful staff ever.. strange ..

Abraham Hostel Jerusalem

Jerusalem, Israel

This place is HUGE! And the dorms seem to vary quite a bit. I started off in a 6-bed dorm where half the lockers were broken, the AC was too cold and couldn't be changed, and it smelled, but then I switched to a 10-bed dorm to be with my friends, which was cheaper but surprisingly nicer. But it's a great social hostel, nice rooftop and common area, and they have lots of nightly activities and tours.


Loved this place! I meant to only stay for one or two nights but ended up sticking around for a week. The staff is lovely and so helpful, they're pretty centrally located (10min walk to the beach, 15min to Jaffa clock tower), and the whole place just has a great, laid-back vibe. I met so many awesome people here, just hanging out on the rooftop! A perfect place to relax if you're travel weary.

Hayarkon 48 Hostel

Tel Aviv, Israel

very expensive because it's right next to the beach, but everything else is average. nice roof terrace and balconies off the dorms. they advertise free laptop-sized lockers but there are actually only like 4 of them for the whole hostel, so good luck getting one unless you want to pay an extra 15 shekels/day for a big paid one. i ended up moving to Florentine after 2 nights and prefer it (plus it's cheaper!)

Hue Backpackers Hostel

Hue, Vietnam

Cool place in Hue. Dorms are average, though you can lock your backpack in a compartment under the bed which is pretty cool. Nice terraces on each level and great open-front bar on the ground floor. Met lots of cool people here! The food was pretty decent too.

Sunflower Hotel Hoi An

Hoi An, Vietnam

This is THE hostel to stay at in Hoi An: great social atmosphere and good to meet people.The lobby and backyard are quite grand. Staff is a little weird, they hold on to your passport for the duration of your stay (which makes me uncomfortable) and they wouldn't serve me a drink before 2pm even though I had just gotten off a 14hr train ride and just wanted a cocktail! It is a bit out of town, a 20 minute or so walk. There is a great restaurant next door that does awesome cooking lessons.

Vietnam Inn Saigon

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

This place is HUGE! Its like a tower of dorms. Nice facilities (all beds have a shelf with an outlet for charging phones, etc. and lockers in each room) and great rooftop bar with a nice view. Staff can be a little strange sometimes though, I think it's a communication issue. They can book tours to Cu Chi tunnels, etc. and have a nice location just opposite the park.

The Mad Monkey

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Kind of a party hostel, but nice anyway. Both a rooftop bar and ground-level restaurant. Met a lot of people here, so great for solo travelers.

Chada Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Basic Khao San Road guesthouse. Located right on the strip, but tucked away so it's not as noisy as it could be. Very small and basic private rooms, but decent enough -- it's not like you're going to be spending much time there.


I really wanted to spend the night in a capsule when I was in Tokyo, but this place was AWFUL. Everything is very old and dirty, there are flickering lights, basically it looks like a place where you'd end up dead. Lockers are far too narrow to put anything in, and they expect you to turn your locker key in to the guy at the front desk whenever you leave the building -- NOT SECURE. I ended up getting a refund and leaving.

Khaosan Tokyo Original

Tokyo, Japan

Adequate hostel, nothing special -- but for Tokyo accommodations it was the best I found! Friendly staff.