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Marina Inn and Suites

San Diego, USA

Apparently there was a problem with my reservation and the woman in the front desk didn't tell us anything about what was happening while we were waiting her to complete our check in. I booked a room for three people, but it looked like the room was set for only two, so we had to ask for an extra of everything we needed to use, like towels and cups, for example. Parking is tiny and my car had to stay in a place not originally designated to be a parking spot. There was no security at all.

City Hostel Seattle

Seattle, USA

The staff is definitely what stands out. Most of the people working there is helpful and very friendly, making you feel comfortable to ask for help whenever you want. The room were I stayed (6 beds dorm) was nice, but a bit squeezed. Toilets and bathrooms are separate things and it was very unusual not to find one I could use when I needed. There are kitchens in every floor and, although they are all tiny, I was always able to find one where I could prepare my food. I'd stay there again.

40 Berkeley Hostel

Boston, USA

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