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Bombinhas Hostel

Bombinhas, Brazil

this is not a hostel but a slum. there is only one room for more than 25 people. 3 levels of bed with very poor access and who stay on 3rd floor bed (like me) get air conditioner very near. there is only one light for 25 people what makes almost impossible to sleep. the owner of the hostel stay like a cop over the guests and guide staff to do the same.

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Dear Fernando, it´s a shame that you couldn´t enjoy your stay with us. I´m guessing that you are refering to the hostel´s administration as cops because we prevented your use of hard drugs near the rest of the guests. We do not have any prejudice on what anybody does but we also understand that it´s neccesary to assure the comfort of all guests. On the other hand we are one of the few hostels that shows it´s inside on the websites, where you can notice 2 rooms of 9 guests each and other 2 of 10 guests. And if you are so disgusted with the use of the air conditioner it was really easy to solve by just using the remote (If you didn´t know how to I could have shown you). Regards

La Quinta Eco Hostel & Club

Punta del Este, Uruguay

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Pousada Estrelas no Mar

Florianopolis, Brazil

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