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Location: Canada, Gender: Male, Age: 29

Nice hostel, very good for solo travelers as the atmosphere is perfect! Bed were comfortable. Bathroom facilities are somewhat lacking in number and I had a cold shower. It was clean tho. Close to restaurants and to the metro-bus, which is good! Great hostel!

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Hi Jeam, Thank you for your review. We will work on this topic and improve our service. We are going to try our best. Regards. Maritza Conde Reception Manager

Bada Bing Hostel Istanbul

Istanbul, Turkey

Good overall. Good location, between main sights and Taksim square. The rooftop bar is perfect to meet ppl, good for solo travelers (as I am). Cool but small kitchen with all the kitchenware. Staff was awesome! However, the bathrooms lacked mechanical maintenance. The showers and sinks were functional but busted. I also saw the cleaning lady just tighten the «used» bed sheet spray febreeze on them and pretend they are clean. I was sick in my bed for 3 days, I hope she washed them...

Far Out Camping

Ios, Greece

Go there if you are a lone traveler; you WILL meet ppl. The only facilities they have is the toilet/shower buildings, which are in a permanent awful state. The tents are more of a real camping experience; no power point, no WFI (as on the whole island btw), hot as hell when sun shines. Get drunk and you won't really care tho! You go there to meet and be with people. You will meet half the douchebag population of Australia. The staff was nice, considering the amount of assholes they deal with

Galini Pension

Ios, Greece

Safe, clean, working WIFI, veeeeery useful and cheerful staff, very beautiful building... this is a little gem. Located near the port, which is not really the hotspot in town; it's location is not very suitable for lone travelers. However, a bus will take you up to town for 1.60e and a short walk down will help you sober up in the morning! Highly recommended for small groups.


Athens, Greece

Central location, easy to get there, close to all tourist attraction an to gazi district for nightlife. Way cheaper than other hostels in the area. Building is getting a bit old but all the facilities are working and clean. Staff was nice but not very knowledgeable of the area. There is a common room inside but the rally point for the guests is the rooftop bar with incredible view of the acropolis. If you can't meet ppl there, there's a problem with you. Wouldn't go anywhere else in athens.

Tangier Melting Pot Hostel

Tangier, Morocco

WIFI eveywhere, free lockers for all, clean bathrooms (only 1 per floor tho), very helpful staff... everything is quite good. Central location but a bit hard to find by yourself.

Funky Fes

Fez, Morocco

Very nice hostel, located close to the medina. All is clean, facilities are functional, staff is helpful, they offer cool Moroccan food discovery everynight (nice to meet ppl), nice terrace on top... It's all you need. A bit pricey compared to other cities in morocco tho.

Amour d' Auberge

Marrakech, Morocco

The hostel s n a prime location, right next to the big souk. You can walk around town easily and find good and cheap stuff to buy. The hostel has some charm and a warm atmosphere. On the downpoints, no toilet paper (get used to it in africa) and my room has no real door so it got a bit noisy. That's not real down point tho... you definitely want to go there!

Zebra Hostel

Milan, Italy

The common living room and kitchen are great. Very good place to meet people . However, all the rest is kind of below average. The showers are extra small and you will shower in the dark because the lights are timed to like 2 mins ( and no way to active them from shower. Same for toilets. They have AC, but wont turn it on. The owner lady would be yelling at the staff like crazy in front of everybody. Other than to meet people, it's below average. Cool location for good Italian food tho!

Anker Hostel

Oslo, Norway

Hostel is in a cool location, not too far from city center and close to a very culturally diversified district (where you can find «cheap» foods and other). Rooms are correctly sized, beds comfortable and clean, free wifi. The «kitchen» is in you room and is a joke (small, no pots). The only place where wifi works is at the common room, making it an iPhone party. Meeting ppl is almost impossible in these conditions. Norway and Oslo s expensive, but I feel the hostel could offer a bit more.

Chili Hostel

Prague, Czech Republic

Nice enough place. Everything is quite old, common areas consists of a few smashed and dirty couches. Staff look bored as hell, sitting at the counter all day doing nothing. Beds were clean and the room was big enough. I guess everything was OK but the hostel is overall a bit sad.

St Christophers Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Cool thing about this hostel is: it's not just a hostel; it's also a club, a hotel and a restaurant. Very modern building makes you feel VIP as you enter and check-in, right next to the bar. Rooms are a bit small but bathrooms are those of a 4 star hotel. It feels like they put a bunch of beds in their hotel rooms to get this freaky traveler's party mood. I heavily recommend this hostel; the atmosphere is crazy.


Cool hostel, nice chill common areas. Very clean rooms and bathrooms with ample space. I loved the hostel; met a lot of people over there. Conveniently located next to the train station and close-by a metro station.

Grandio Party Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

This is a tricky hostel. It is said to be located in one of the coolest «ruin pub» of Budapest. We booked it looking for heavy drinking and party BUT the ruin pub is only open during the summer. I get the feeling it must really be crazy in the summer. When I was there (early spring), the hostel consisted of small over-packed rooms, broken stuff in facilities, smashed and dirty couches in common area and a few sad Australian drunkards posing as staff. Not summer? Go elsewhere.

Tampere Dream Hostel

Tampere, Finland

Clean. Everything is highly functional and new. Free coffee, tea, kitchenware... Godly showers (for a hostel). Very helpful and cheerful staff. The 16 ppl dorm is a bit tight tho...