Reviews: Anonymous


Nice place to stay in, dorm has it's own bathroom, though there are lack of plugs there/ Kitchen is good, but a pricey and it took a very long time to wait for order/ Location is excellent but better to order room in advance- this place seems to be very popular- especially among foreigners

Tavern 47

Shangri-la, China

Very nice place to stay, very close to the Shangri-la Old town. Hotel's keeper family is very friendly, speak very good english, the hotel owner also provide packged tours and information about place's of interest nearby/ The hostel house is wooden which is very good during the winter(it is less cold inside) and they have a very nice place for dinner at the first floor near the fire))

Enjoy Inn

Lijiang, China

Nice place stay, a bit poor in facilites maybe, but with with very kind staff and the place itself located very close to the Old city of Lijiang/ The only minus- no lockers inside the room, and no door lock inside the room(only outside one), if your roommate accidentaly close you from out side- you are trapped/


The place itself and facilites are nice, as well as the owner- a nice guy to talk to, but the staff is sloppy- their english is poor and when i paid for my room in advance(they prefer you to pay when check-out but it is not always very convinient) they didn't make any note about it so when i check-out they want me to pay once again, thanks God the hotel owner offer to check the securuity cameras where they have a picture of me paying, but still it took some time and i missed my train/

Nova Traveller's Lodge

Chengdu, China

An awesome place to stay in Chengdu. All personel speak very good english, the place itself have resonable prices, air-conditioning in the rooms, and a great number of facilites. Also they provide free map(very convinient) and different types of tours to every interesting sightseeing in the Sichuan(for very nice price as well) / Probably the best place to stay in Chengdu)