Reviews: Anonymous

Adelaide Hostel and Hotel

San Francisco, USA

Ordered Adelaide Hostel but was directed to Dakota Hotel. Room for four was a bit small, and the old elevator was not functioning well. One thing I dislike was that they did not allow me to book for only one night on December 31st. You have to book for two nights the shortest on December 31st and January 1st. I encountered three different staff members at the front, two of them were not professional. One ignored me from time to time when I was asking her questions, the other was drunk at work.

USA Hostels San Francisco

San Francisco, USA

This is an excellent hostel. The price is affordable, and everything is so great. My only bad experience was that someone took my newly bought beverage I left in the laundry room.

Miami Hostel

Miami, USA

They should have the hallway on the second floor only accessible to guests of the hostel. I had my earphone stolen in my room, and I also heard that two more people had large amount of cash stolen in their rooms! I saw people who are not guests hanging out in the hallway, and they entered my room because they knew someone staying in my room. This is absolutely unacceptable. Other than security issues, everything is good: three meals covered everyday, nice kitchen and common area. Why no laundry?

SoBe Hostel & Bar

Miami, USA

The bathroom is very dirty, they should clean it more often. Restrooms are weird cause the toilets are so close to the door. When you use the toilet, your knees will be touching the door. You cannot adjust the temperature of the air conditioner in the room, and they set the temperature so low that you can easily catch a cold during sleep. Wifi is only available in the super noisy common area. The location is excellent as the beach is very close, and the staff are nice!