Reviews: Anonymous

Zhuo Ma's Jiuzhaigou Home-Stay

Jiuzhaigou, China

Genuine FAMILY for me. Location is far from a bus tterminal,but pick-up service is perfect.After 20min.driving,you'll be in real Tibetan volley. I played with kids,talked with grandmother,had a delicious meal in a circle of them. Only 2 days staying,but I was very sad to leave there. I think to stay in Zhuo Ma's Home-stay is not only a trip,but also to be their family. Then I can't recomend Zhuo Ma's Home-stay to people who likely to be sentimental. But I must go again,someday.


Most of staffs can speak English,it's special in China.Their hospitality is very warm. Facilities are PERFECT.Bar,bicycle,free Wi-Fi,DVD,books,laundry,and so on.Nothing is nothing. Location is still good. Sim's Cozy is a basement for every traveler of west China.