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Big Apple Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Location is really good, facility is not so bad, but their laundry service was really terrible. It's expensive, and everything wrinkled! Some of my clothes were still wet, and number of clothes changed colour...

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Thank you for your comment. We don\\\'t have any in-house laundry service and they are external laundry shop nearby. We are only the middle person to assist guest with the laundry. We wish to help you discuss with the laundry shop and we have now informed the laundry shop about this. Our staff went into the women dormitory room is a misunderstandings, our hostel do concern this very much and we surely will protect everyone\\\'s privacy in our hostel.

Hostel Dolce Vita

Granada, Spain

This hostel is difficult to find. Staff is very friendly and nice, but facility is not good. Shower room is small and not so clean, and they don't have hairdryer, and toaster is broken. In addition, there is only ONE powe point in my room.( women domitoly) But I met nice people there, so it's also good point for me!