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Plaza de Armas Hostel

Santiago, Chile

Thought this was going to be a pretty cool hostel because of its fantastic location, it's right in the central plaza. The views down to the plaza are really great and it's fun to just hang out watching all the movement below. Everything was just fine with this place until it came time to sleep! The rooms don't have full walls, so you're left with an incredible amount of light that comes into the room from the rest of the hostel. It was seriously like sleeping in broad daylight, awful.


The staff did us a really big favor and found room for us when everything was full in Santiago because of Lollapalooza, gracias mil Randall. As for the sleeping situation, everything would have been fine if it weren't for really inconsiderate guests who likely have never slept in a hostel before in their lives. Bathrooms could use some cleaning up and expansion. Staff was very nice and helpful.

13 Lunas Hostel

Chiloe, Chile

We've been traveling all the way down from Quito, Ecuador, through Peru, Bolivia, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Chile and this is, hands down, the best hostel we have stayed at. The facilities are all modern, but the house is a beautiful old colonial mansion. The kitchen is huge, the showers are awesome, the net is fast, beds are extremely comfy. What more can I say?!

Alaska Hostel

Bariloche, Argentina

The hostel was nice and cozy and inviting to sit around and talk with people or just hang out. We really enjoyed the warmth of the place and the net was pretty fast. Downsides: quite far away from the city center, it was difficult to tell when to get off the bus, and we ended up walking quite a bit, and the neighborhood around the hostel is dark and a bit scary at night with all of the barking dogs (you don't know if they're friendly or not). The owners are rarely around and you have to ring :-(

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Hi , thank you for leaving a comment. You´ve got all the directions to reach the hostel very well explained at HW microsite, it´s Km 7.5 of Bustillo Road. Around the neighbourhood there´s lot of houses with pets (dogs, cats) and they are friendly. We are around during the morning, evening and night but we prefer not to be over the guests checking what they do or not, that´s the reason why we let you be and if anybody needs something and we are not around (we have lunch, dinner and we sleep, as any other human being) you ring the bell and we come as soon as possible.

La Comarca Hostel

El Chalten, Argentina

This place is bare bones basic, a place to sleep without anything special. The owner was great, very friendly and a fun guy to talk with about Argentina. The place is pretty small and there isn't much room to spare in the kitchen or bathrooms (there are only two for the whole place). There is not breakfast either. If you're looking for a decent, cheap, stay, this is your place. It's right in front of the bus terminal! Net is slow everywhere in El Chalten = satellite.


This place had more of a hotel feel to it rather than a hostel. There really wasn't much of a common area, and it didn't seem like people congregated anywhere. On the upside, the place was very clean, modern and a great value. The breakfast, like in most of Argentina, left much to be desired (toast and jam).

Cruz del Sur Hostel

Ushuaia, Argentina

Place had a lot of personality. Seemed to be very lively and active and it is a great place to meet and talk to people. I really liked the nice and warm living room area, it was a great place to just hang out and relax. The two girls running the place, the nieces of the owner, were very nice (their from Buenos Aires) and were great for conversation. The fact that there are rules posted all over the place is a bit off-putting, but most of them were just common sense things.

La Posta Hostel and Apart

Ushuaia, Argentina

Place is very far from the center! On the upside, if you don't want to walk far from the airport, it's right there.

Hostel Suites Obelisco

Buenos Aires, Argentina

The staff seemed a bit preoccupied, most were Brazilian and I knew more about the city than they did, and they seemed to have their "favorites" in terms of guests. For some reason, there's a "kitchen" on each floor, but they don't have fridges or stoves. There is only one main kitchen for this whole huge place and it was very small. The breakfast was very good and had real fruit, which was nice. They also have a decent common area, which is good for hanging out and watching movies. Busy!

Supertramp Hostel

Machu Picchu, Peru

This place was really good for one thing, sleeping over to get up early and head up to Machu. Aside from that, it was nothing special.

Pariwana Hostel Cusco

Cusco, Peru

This place is a party spot! If you are looking for a chill and quiet place, you will not find it here. The hostel itself is really quite beautiful, it's a really nice old colonial mansion. It seemed like the facilities were good enough, and the bar was really nice. They have pretty decent food at the bar.