Reviews: Anonymous

Ostello Corniglia

Cinque Terre, Italy

Overall a wonderful hostel. It is clean, secure (everyone gets lockers), and in a great location. Corniglia is the least touristy of the Cinque Terre, but it is very easy to take the train or even hike to more busy locations. The atmosphere is very relaxing, friendly, and the views don't get much better. There are also affordable restaurants and cafes that are right around the corner. The only disadvantage is the 10:30 to 3:00 lockout, but on beautiful days its not an issue, only in bad weather

A Venice Fish

Venice, Italy

I really enjoyed this hostel. The location is excellent (it really doesn't get better for the price) and the hostel has a great environment. The hostel has a very social feel, and usually everyone will group together in the common room together and drink until 12, when quiet hours begin. The security is good, only those staying in the hostel have a key, and overall it is pretty clean. There are only two showers so it can be a little wait to use them, but overall that was my only complaint.


This was a great hostel to stay in. The location is about a 5 to 10 minute walk the Gare Du Nord train station, and is very easy to find. Definitely one of the cleanest hostels I've been in, and in each room is a shower for 4 people that was relatively clean. The staff was helpful and handed out pamphlets to help find our way around and were as accommodating as possible. It was not the most social hostel, but there was definitely ample time to meet people in the common room with free wifi.

Hyde Park Hostel

London, England

While in a great location and for a relatively cheap price, the hostel is very run down. The showers either didn't work or were cold, and the restrooms and living areas were very dirty. I would say it was worth what I payed, but with additional costs for wifi and other amenities overall it was not worth it.