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Hotel Bavaria

Florence, Italy

Great staff, excellent location, very secure, and in a cool old building. Having said that, this is certainly an older style European hotel with a single bathroom per floor so if we had been there for more than a couple nights or there were more than a couple guests on our floor I could see that being an issue. While the bed was clean and large, it did sag and wasn't the most comfortable. Next time I'm in Florence I'll look elsewhere first, but won't go out of my way to avoid Hotel Bavaria.

USA Hostels Hollywood

Los Angeles, USA

Fantastic staff, events, and facilities.

Nashville Downtown Hostel

Nashville, USA

No customer comment


Typical budget hotel, but it was clean and parking was free. I would stay again so long as I had a car to get into the city.

Sli Na Mara

Galway, Ireland

Fantastic location and very warm welcome. The breakfast and tips for the day's sightseeing were excellent and we really enjoyed our stay. I would love to visit again.

Knockawn Wood

Blarney, Ireland

Very rural location, but accessible from Blarney by car. The warm welcome and tea on arrival was perfect and the tips of where to go for dinner and drinks that evening were spot on. The only 'complaint' I have is more of a warning for those inexperienced with many European showers. The showers here are the traditional box on the wall with a couple dials and very low pressure so just be prepared. Breakfast was good and the view from the dining room is spectacular.

Ashbrook House

Kilkenny, Ireland

Fantastic room, breakfast, and host. The home is charming and the price is excellent. Icing on the cake is the modern shower and great location. I would love to stay again.

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Hi Thank you for your lovely comments. Dermot


Well run, not a bad location, and good facilities. I would not hesitate to stay here again.

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hi, thank you for your comment, we really appreciate to hear that our effort to give you the best stay in Brussels are recognised. we are glad to hear that you will certainly come back at our hostel for your next trip in Brussels, regards, Antoine

Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

Relatively clean, but the shower has no temperature adjustment and is scalding hot. You have to hold the button down the entire time so the whole experience is awkward. Wifi is in the bar only and was decent, but the lockers are located down the hall from the room, as is the shared toilet(even the ensuite rooms). Finally, my biggest annoyance was the owner rushing into the room 15 minutes before checkout telling us all it was time to leave. We had all been to breakfast and were packing, rude!


Amsterdam, Netherlands

They have a reputation for being the best and it is well deserved! The staff is fantastic, the facilities like the kitchen, bathrooms, and the lounge are top class, and the location is a walk or quick tram ride to anywhere in the city. Out of the 20 or so hostels I have stayed at in the last 2 months this is absolutely in the top 3! Stay here!

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Well located in the city and within 2 minutes walk of the metro, which runs all night Friday and Saturday. The kitchen is great as is the wifi and the lounge. There is even a garden and porch where you can smoke without standing around on the street, if that is an issue. The only complaint I have is the lack of lockers in the rooms and the fact that the bathroom is a single shower and toilet across the hall, not a deal breaker, but different than most places. I would absolutely stay here again.

Little Town

Prague, Czech Republic

It is a little bit of a walk from the center, but not out of the way by any means. The shower, full kitchen, and beds were great. There was good wifi in the room and big lockers as well. At well under 20 Euro a night it is very hard to find a fault. I would stay again.

Wombats City Hostel Munich

Munich, Germany

Excellent! Great shower, clean everything, awesome lounge, bar, and great laundry on site. The wifi was only in the lobby and very bad, but the place was packed when I was there. The all you can eat breakfast is easily worth the couple euro. Take the Ozz free walking tour! It is hands down the best walking tour in Western Europe! (I've done 15 in the last few months). Would probably stay again, the wifi is my hesitation.

Lion Lodge Lucerne

Lucerne, Switzerland

If you're lookin for a bed and a bathroom this is your place. Other than that I'd recommend lookin elsewhere. The staff is not eager to help at all, only answering the most basic of questions after prodding. The bathroom, while very clean, has only one shower which is not separated from the rest of the room. Again, not terrible but far from a top hostel.

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Dear William. Thanks for staying at the Lion Lodge. Sorry to hear your stay did not live up to your expectations. Thanks for the tip and we will try to be more engaging. Thanks for coming to stay with us. Kind Regards, „the Lion Lodge Team“

Mosaic Hostel

Rome, Italy

It is a quick walk to the train and public transportation to the heart of the city. The room was great with a fantastic shower and nice big lockers. Breakfast was typical Italian, but when in Rome... Seriously, though, I would stay again in a heartbeat.


Venice, Italy

One of my personal favorites. The main office is a couple 'blocks' away from the actual hostel, but other than that there were no surprises. The staff was great and very helpful throughout the stay. The 2 bathrooms are big and clean, although I could see availability being an issue with a full house. The big sell for me was the full kitchen so I could take advantage of the markets and just relax, taking in real Venetian life. Location could also not have been better! Can't wait to go back!

Archi Rossi Hostel

Florence, Italy

Staff were fantastic, helping me get a package that didn't arrive until after my stay. The location is perfect, the breakfast is very well rounded, and the beds were comfortable. My only complaint is the relatively thin walls. There was a large, loud group of kids who loved to scream and even from a floor away there was no escaping the constant noise. Despite that I would absolutely stay here again...earplugs in tow.

Euro Inn

Milan, Italy

Tough to give a rating since they overbooked and didn't email me to let me know until late the day I was scheduled to arrive. I was already on the train from France and without service, so I never got it. They did put me up in a similar place but it was across town and I had to pay to take a cab at 11pm in a city I had no idea how to get around. I will not be booking with them ever again.


Ideal hostel. It is central, cheap, clean, fun, and the staff are the best I've seen, really there to help you out and even plan your itinerary. I thought I knew what I wanted to do, but over breakfast I was adviesed to see the neiboring towns instead and do the free tour the next moring. Fantastic advice and made my trip much more complete. The shower and wifi were the best I've had in Europe as were the memory foam mattresses! Really can't reccomend them enough. EXCELLENT!

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Thanks for your nice words. We are really happy to hear all that and will pass it on to our staff. It would be great to see you again! Best regards from the Villa Team

Vertigo Centre

Marseille, France

Not even 5 minutes from the train station the location could not be better. Having said that expect an inner city feel when walking around the city at night even near the hostel. My ensuit room included only a shower and sink no toilet, which was shared and across the hall, and there are no lockers. There is a very tiny kitchenett and common room in one that I didn't use, but looked sufficient for a quick simple meal.

Auberge Bagatelle

Avignon, France

There are only 2 good things about this hostel; it is cheap and relatively close to the center. It goes downhill quick from there. Im sure it would be better during the summer as the place is also a campground, but during the winter only the rooms are heated not the hallways or bathrooms(the *warm* water was hardly enough to compensate). While there are locks on the doors there are no lockers. Wifi was essentially non-existant and dial up speds when available. Also, there are no common areas.


The room was cleaned daily and the security at reception was great, although there were no lockers in the rooms. The kitchen is small, but well stocked and did the trick. Breakfast was typical French and a great way of assimilating into Parisian life. My biggest complaint was the bad wifi. It was non existant in the room and only worked well in part of the dining area. I wouldn't mind staying here again, but Ill check out my options before I do. Its a 20 minute Metro ride to the center.

Castle Rock Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

Fantastic!From the strong hot showers to the amazing building to the huge kitchen with tons of storage and finally the excellent common areas(4 all together I think) Castle Rock is the best hostel I have stayed in. The atmosphere was great despite the winter season and Edinburgh weather and the free pub crawl was fantastic too with a lot of variety and a fun crowd. If I had to change one thing it might be the number/accesibility of bathroomsm but that is far from a deal breaker!


By far the best hostel I have stayed at. The location could not be better, the building is fun and loaded with character as well as all the modern amenities including lockers, wifi, full kitchen, clean hot powerful showers, and several busy lounge rooms. I'm trying to think of one negative so I don't seem biased, but I just can't! Can't wait to come back to Edinburgh to stay here again.

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Hi Thanks very much for your review. Unfortunately you have put your Edinburgh review on the Bath site but we will let Edinburgh know how much you enjoyed your stay with them. Best wishes St Christophers Bath!