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don´t put down that you guys can boast a 24/7 reception desk when the worker is not there most of the time. Either hire additional staff members so that you guys can actually have a running reception desk, or say that he´s going to be there every 10 minutes or when someone tells him to come. I had to wait 20 minutes to check in, and there wasn´t even a line.

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Hi, It seems very unlike our reception desk... We boast a 24/7 reception desk because we really do have a 24/7 reception. There are people available throughout the whole day, it's a shame you had to wait to check-in. However in the nature of a 24 hour reception there are sometimes things that occur at night that need to be fixed, and as there is just one person, it means that reception is unattended for a short while. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. St Christopher's Inn Paris Canal

A Venice Fish

Venice, Italy

It's located on the island. I don't like the 10 am to 2 pm lockout, but I mean they need time to clean as much as possible. It was kind of cold.

St Christopher's Oasis

London, England

I stayed at the oasis which is away from the village and the reception. It was quieter here and cleaner as well. A lot of the staff are really nice, and I didn't have a problem with any of them. There is one worker named Patrick (some Asian guy) who wasn't really helpful when I asked for suggestions to go to places to go out other than the bar that's located in the hostel. he was also not helpful about free luggage storage though he offered it to a different group right before.