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don´t put down that you guys can boast a 24/7 reception desk when the worker is not there most of the time. Either hire additional staff members so that you guys can actually have a running reception desk, or say that he´s going to be there every 10 minutes or when someone tells him to come. I had to wait 20 minutes to check in, and there wasn´t even a line.

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Hi, It seems very unlike our reception desk... We boast a 24/7 reception desk because we really do have a 24/7 reception. There are people available throughout the whole day, it's a shame you had to wait to check-in. However in the nature of a 24 hour reception there are sometimes things that occur at night that need to be fixed, and as there is just one person, it means that reception is unattended for a short while. I'm sorry for any inconvenience. St Christopher's Inn Paris Canal

A Venice Fish

Venice, Italy

It's located on the island. I don't like the 10 am to 2 pm lockout, but I mean they need time to clean as much as possible. It was kind of cold.