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Lucky Lake Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

I drone for years about how great the place is, and I wish I could give it over 100% for my review. I love being outside of the bustling city and access is a breeze. I thought 5 nights was too much until I was there, then I realized I could stay here for weeks and not blink an eye. The staff went above and beyond and felt like friends rather than people working. Brooke played stellar music whenever she manned the reception and honestly each staff member was amazing. Stay here. Book it now.

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This is an overwhelming review. Thank you so much. We are very happy to hear you love Lucky Lake just as much as we do! Our staff is THE BEST, we agree:-) We hope to welcome you again. Love from all of us.

King Kong Hostel Rotterdam

Rotterdam, Netherlands

500 characters is an injustice to this hostel. This hostel is the epitome of what good hostels should be. The best shower I've ever had (anywhere, not just hostels) and an absolutely amazing staff. The room was spotless when I walked in and we had a giant ass lockers (huuuuge for me). Each bed had their own reading light AND outlet AND outlet in the locker under your bed. It had stellar location and was amazing to stay at. If you're in the Netherlands, go out of your way to stay here. I mean it.

Brussels Hello Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

Hello Hostel was a good base to see Brussels. I enjoy taking the metro to get into town and they're a very short trip to the city center. Everyone was friendly and more than helpful if you needed anything. I always prefer bigger lockers that can actually fit "backpacks" (they didn't have) but that's personal preference and perhaps everyone isn't as keen on that as I am. I'd definitely stay there again as the breakfast was good (nothin crazy, but gets your day started) and the staff was nice.


Was an okay base for the city, nothing too terribly expensive. The lockers were basically non-existent in my room which was a real bummer but I picked up wifi in there also so that's a plus. It was spectacularly unspectacular, I haven't a thing to complain about (besides loud roommates 3 am - 7am.. but thats not the hostels fault) but I also don't have anything to rave about. The room downstairs was real friendly with people and they had free donuts. Wooo. Close to metro station.


Nothing really blew me away about this hostel stay but I was only there for a short night so perhaps that's why. I've nothing to complain about though, it was a good stay and a good base to see the city. The hostel was clean but one of my big pet peeves is small lockers, and this place certainly had them small. The streets get kinda "drug dealy" at night (and during the day) but if you say "No" then they leave ya alone (or say yes, if thats your thing). Good stay and would stop by again.

Hostel One Sants

Barcelona, Spain

Hostel One wasn't a bad stop, the staff went above and beyond in every aspect and embodies how enthusiastic staffs should be. It's tempting to leave all 100's just for their sake, but even though this review might now be 100% I was verrrry satisfied with the stay. Having dinner be complimentary is absolutely wonderful and saves my wallet much grief and if I had questions they were more than answered. I'd stay again and if you're in the area, give it a shot.

Four Courts Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

Four Courts was a great stay. I caught it in the off-season so it was said to be a lot more hectic in season but regardless I quite enjoyed the stay. Good lockers and clean facilities. The staff was very helpful about anything you need from tips to tickets and they're stationed right downtown, a quick walk anywhere. The rates were cheap and they're fairly close to a bus stop when you're arriving from the airport. Definitely would stay again.