Reviews: Anonymous

Amsterdam Hostel

San Francisco, USA

Perfect!!! There's only one thing I didn't know was hotel was located almost top of steep:0 It was a bit tough to walk from Union st. with HEAVY backpack, but it's ok, it just make you a bit tired. You can sleep well. Thank you, and enjoy SF.


Awesome!! IT's a bit far from DT though, IT'S OK!! Staff was amazing.....!!!!!

The Venice Beach Hostel

Los Angeles, USA

I love this staff!!!!! They're friendly and kind;) It's a little bit far from DM, but NO PROBLEM! You can take a bus near the hostel. Also, You can walk from the hostel to Venice Beach and Santa Monica! They were awesome;0 I wish I could stay more..... Thank you so much!! Enjoy, LA!!!!!!

Broadway Hotel n Hostel

New York, USA

Nice hostel!! It's a little bit far from DT, but NO PROBLEM!!! You can take a bus near the hostel, and laundry is 3 blocks from the hotel. If I could say complains, it was a little little bit noisy in the morning due to the construction.. Everything was perfect!!