Reviews: Anonymous

Asterix Hostel

Goa, India

Has everything you want from a hostel. I will highly recommend to everyone. Also, Jason is a legend :)

Chillout Cengo

Istanbul, Turkey

Probably the best hostel in Istanbul! I had an awesome time there whether partying or chilling out. Timur knows all the cool places to go any day of the week. If you're gong to Istanbul, this is the hostel to stay at for sure :)

Aga Hamam Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

A nice little hostel based above Turkish baths. I met some cool people here and would recommend for a short stay. May be a little hard to find initially but still a cool location. Staff were also very helpful.

Travellers Home Hostel

Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

Loved the city and this place so ended up staying for 2 weeks! Really cool staff and a brilliant, easy-to-find location (I have no sense of direction and google maps doesn't cover Sarajevo!) I really would highly recommend this place to amyone! :)

Hostel Mali

Novi Sad, Serbia

I was the only one there when i stayed for a night during the off-season so can't really comment on the atmosphere but it was a nice little apartment and I think would have been nice place to stay during the Summer. Staff were friendly and helpful.

1001 Nights Hostel

Belgrade, Serbia

Amazing staff that helped me to really enjoy my time here! I would highly recommend this place and for 5euro a night it was one of the best bargains during my travels around Europe.

Hostel Dali

Belgrade, Serbia

I met some awesome people here and the staff were both really helpful and friendly. I would highly recommend this place to other travelers but warn that it may hard to get a bed as the max capacity was 12 when I was there last. :)

Celica Art Hostel

Ljubljana, Slovenia

I had an amazing time here! I would highly recommend to any traveler. The bar and food were great, the staff were awesome- so friendly and fun, and it's located literally right next to Metelkova- trust me, a brilliant place to hangout on a weekend night. It's also really close to the international bus station and the train station. Enjoy! :)

Retox Party Hostel

Budapest, Hungary

I stayed for 4 nights before moving to another hostel and overall had a pretty decent time. It's one of four party hostels and the other 3 have differing balances between chilling out and partying whereas this is on the far end of the partying scale. The staff though (from all 4 hostels) are a bit 'cringy' - something I heard a few other guests mention. Would recommend if you're under 24 and looking to booze up every night but then you'd miss out on seeing Budapest for the amazing city it is! :p

Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

Vienna, Austria

Was here during off-season and had a great time. I can see this place being awesome during the Summer. It's also just around the corner to the Travel Shack, which is where all the international travelers hangout at night. The staff here were also really helpful.

Hostel One Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Great place! Less than 15mins walk from the center, which means all the food places and shops nearby are much cheaper but when you fancy going into town it's not too far at all. The bar staff were always trying to include everyone in drinking games and I met some really cool people. Also, if in Prague you MUST go to Cross Club on a weekend night. :)

Youth Hostel Meetingpoint

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Has it's own bar, which is great for socializing with others from the same hostel but sadly you can't invite anyone back. Met some really cool people and would highly recommend this place. The location is amazing and basically a minute from the train station and on one of the best streets in the center. :)