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Samay Hostel Sevilla

Seville, Spain

This hostel was great for what we needed but we had a few problems with people who were not staying in our room getting access into our room, which was alarming because both times we were there and told them to get out but what if we were not there and our belongings were still there. When we asked the staff they had no explanation other than one of the times was a "routine check" and that the time during the night was just a fluke. Seems dangerous to us.

U Hostels

Madrid, Spain

I thought that this was a great Hostel, it was the safest, best location, clean, and just a great atmosphere. I now have a higher expectation for all other hostels, and hope that others can be this good. It was great because there was a free walking tour which was amazing and made the value totally worth it! Strongly Recommend