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Just 5-minute walk to metro circle line, by which you can go anywhere in 30 mins. However the neighborhood is a little bit poor, with barely food stores or convenient shops. The staff is nice and funny. The best part is the public area, providing food of different countries and fast Internet connection. Besides, the atmosphere is good. It is never hard to see people talking and making friends here.

  • 24th Jan 2015
  • Globetrotter
  • China
  • Mixed Group, 18-24
  • (23 reviews)


The hostel is very popular itself and there are a lot of international guests living here. But the best public area for making friends is a cafe that u need to pay for. As a result of that, the atmosphere of talking is just so so. The staff is good and she speaks very fluent English.

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Hello thanks for your review.We are so sorry for creating the illusion to you that if you want to stay in our café , you have to buy something. Actually, we would like to make an atmosphere for our guests to making friends and talking happily. Thanks for your comments! In our hostel. So, we hope your next time arrival will be happier.


Perfect location and transportation, considerate staff with poor English, good facilities inside and outside the room. I like the air conditioner in the room, which makes the room very comfortable and fresh. However, the hostel doesn't provide any platform to let guests know each other and climb the mountain together, which becomes a pity especially for solo traveler.

Melbourne's Home Hostel

Shenzhen, China

The hostel is well located in old centers of Shenzhen. It's only 5-minute walk to metro stations by which you can easily take metros to other centers and borders without interchange. The thing is, there are 5 beds in my room and 3 of them are too short. I don't think anyone more than 1.78m can sleep on those 3 beds and it made me suffering for the whole night! The service was ok, and the decoration is very good. The most unsatisfying thing is that nowadays the hostel provide different prices for

  • 12th Apr 2014
  • Globetrotter
  • China
  • Mixed Group, 18-24
  • (23 reviews)

Apple Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

It's a very good hostel. But sometimes u have to wait for Soooo long for an elevator.

Hotel Victory

Marseille, France

It'a new hotel with good service and location. But maybe cuz it's TOO new, the smell caused by decoration is heavy.

  • 22nd Jun 2013
  • Globetrotter
  • China
  • Couple, 18-24
  • (23 reviews)


The kitchen is not comfortable and the location seems to be quite unsafe during nights. Other aspects are just near the average.


1.Slowest Wi-Fi in the world (facebook is always a dream between 18:00----2:00am 2. Very mean service ( a guy will limit the bread you can eat, just like in the concentration camp in Poland) 3.Crowded everywhere ( never think of using kitchen.....and, public areas are always hard to find a seat) 4.Super noisy Location in the only advantage....

Marken Gjestehus

Bergen, Norway

It's a beautiful and comfortable hostel. But the kitchen is... I would say... poorly managed... Dishes are very dirty even in the Dish-cleaning machine,, and it's always so busy. Except this point, staff is really nice and helpful, and cleaniness outside kitchen is great...

Pink Panther's Hostel

Krakow, Poland

Location is very good and you can easily find the city center. Price is very resonable for such a cool hostel. But, the breakfast is kind of simple and the ladder is dangerous... they should place a sign or take some measures...


Very good hostel with a super cheap price~ Nice boss and lots of useful and exclusive furnitures that everyone can use. The kitchen has LOTS OF free food that you can enjoy in the whole day. Besides, the boss is super generous.

Grand Luxe Hostel

Seville, Spain

1. super beautiful vien from the roof of the hostel. 2. super large TV and modern kitchen and you'll enjoy cooking here. 3. brand new.

Fabrizzio's Petit

Barcelona, Spain

The best hostel I've ever lived in: 2. Super nice boss with his super nice sister. 3. Feel at home and every equipment seems perfect. 4. Large TV so that you can watch an exciting football game. 5. 5-minute-walk to the train/subway and 20-minute-walk to almost all the major sights in the city. 6. Oh my god? Is there on earth a better hostel

PLUS Berlin

Berlin, Germany

I will choose this when I visit Berlin next time..

Smart Stay Hotel Station

Munich, Germany

Deciding to live in this hotel might be the worst idea in the journey. The hotel seems no advantages at all. 1. Old Equipment. Extremely old and inconvenient, for example, the light in my floor always works ineffectively and Bathrooms are really hard to find, taps of hot and cold water are even separate so you would accidently hurt by that. 2. No privacy. Mirrors in our room are unreasonably located, by which, you can even WATCH what your upper neighbor’s doing. 3. Luxury breakfast. Beware that

EastSeven Berlin Hostel

Berlin, Germany

This is a super-nice hostel with resonable price. You can easily take metro from hostel to major sites within 20 minutes. Due to its super-good kitchen and comfortable public area, you can even make dinner with your neighbors~ Breakfast is not free but it's only 2 and has really high quality.

Mosaic Hostel

Rome, Italy

There are too many chocolate food on breakfast that makes me uncomfortable. It's kind of noisy in the room and one of the staff is very cold. Renting a lock and taking that special elevator would be best part of the hostel. By the way, security is good due to cameras in every corner.

San Geremia Rooms

Venice, Italy

quite near station but it's an AVERAGE hostel with a good employee.

Snuffel Backpacker Hostel

Bruges, Belgium

kitchen is undoubtedly the best part of the hostel. I enjoyed that night cooking there. Btw, the stairs is not that convenient and I do think the noise by it would a signature of unsafety. It needs reparing.

Hostel Uppelink

Gent, Belgium

What a nice hostel. Next time to gent, I would definately live at this~ Hopefully i can get a discount:)

Youth Hostel Van Gogh (Chab)

Brussels, Belgium

Location is quite good ( in north railway station, and.. subway station in 5-minute walk) A tap in the room...quite convenient... btw, bathroom is great~ u can easily find a place for your underwear:)