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Grand Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

Only stayed 1 night but I was very impressed by this hostel, the guy on reception (think his name was Sebastian?) was fantastic. The room was amazing, bed was super comfy, bathrooms were excellent. Only small problem was WiFi in the room was very slow but worked fine downstairs. Overall, very happy!

Grampa's Hostel

Wroclaw, Poland

Loved this hostel, can't say enough good things! Will be back for sure, love to all there!

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Maan! you just made our day! See you asap :))

Heart of Gold Hostel

Berlin, Germany

I did not like this hostel at all, I will never stay again. There was a huge group of loud school children, the common room is a bar, not nice to relax. WiFi barely worked and only in bar. Rooms, toilets and showers were always dirty/broken. 6-bed room had no locker and every day I stayed I heard from other guests that they were having passports, laptops, phones stolen from their rooms, I spent 2 days carrying all my valuables which ruined my time in Berlin. Overall, really bad hostel.


This is a really good Hostel (more like hotel) Everything was excellent, its big so didn't have a cosy family feel like other places but for the size they really didn't cut back like a lot of others. I would highly recommend and I will always look to stay in this hostel chain in the future!

Freddie next to Mercury

Bratislava, Slovakia

I liked this place, its a new hostel. So there are still small things that will improve with time but everything I wanted was there. Beds were very comfortable, ensuite was really nice, hostel was very clean, breakfast was good, WiFi was fast. Not many people staying but again I think perhaps because its new. Overall I would stay again and recommend to others!


This is a special place, it might not be 5* or smack in the middle but I don't care. The relaxed vibe and wonderful people made me smile everyday. If you want to go nuts and party, look elsewhere. If you want to chill and unwind this is the spot in Budapest. I have much love for this place! 'Smile and Laugh everyday... Or its a... well, read the board in the kitchen and you'll find out! Peace Shantee xxx

Hostel Ruthensteiner Vienna

Vienna, Austria

Loved this place, no complaints. Room I stayed in was clean, shower and toilet were clean, bed was comfortable. Staff super friendly and helpful, bar was good to drink and meet people. The only advice I would offer is breakfast is very good (but thats personal choice, different strokes for different folks) Overall I highly recommend!


Zurich, Switzerland

I like this hostel, they give a very honest description about what you get. Its not a 5* hotel but has everything you need. Staff are very friendly, the bar is fun and the location is good (even though at first you might be taken aback as its a crazy street!) I think its important to remember that Switzerland is expensive... the hostel is still the cheapest I could find and for a short stay I thought it was nice.

Hostel One Sants

Barcelona, Spain

I love this hostel! The balance is perfect, I found it quiet enough to not be overwhelming or crowed yet busy enough that I met fantastic people and had wonderful times. The staff are amazing, very helpful and positive about each and every person! The free meal each night was possibly the nicest food I had in the whole of Barcelona! This hostel gives back what you put in (same as life) If you go there with positivity and good energy, you'll find it all around you! Love Pablo Escobar (guess who?)

Cool & Bed

Lyon, France

I love this place, I stayed ages ago but didn't put a review up. Had such a nice time, the guys that run it were super nice and made my stay very nice. Would stay again if I'm in the area!