Reviews: Anonymous


This hostel was outstanding! By far the best one I stayed in while I was in the UK. The staff were incredibly friendly and helpful. They stored our bags because we arrived before check-in and then gave us a map and showed us great places to go in Cardiff. They also provided supper for free if we signed up on the white board before leaving for the day. The beds, rooms, and bathrooms were clean and well-maintained. Overall, it was a great atmosphere and really a lot of fun to stay there.

Caledonian Backpackers

Edinburgh, Scotland

This hostel was a nice place to stay in Edinburgh. We were in an 8-bed dorm, so it was a bit crowded, but that's to be expected. The breakfast in the morning was great, and the staff were very helpful and friendly. The bathrooms were pretty good too, but sort of run down. We also had to walk all the way down the hallway to get to the showers, which was kind of a pain. Overall, it was a good place to stay though.

St Christopher's Camden

London, England

I enjoyed my stay at this hostel. The noise from the bar at night was a little loud for the room we were in. The room itself was really nice though. The beds were pretty comfortable, and it was really nice to have a shower and bathroom right inside the room. The rooms were fairly big too, so we didn't feel too crowded. The location isn't the greatest, but the food and bar attached to the hostel are pretty nice, and we got a discount on the food there which was great!