Reviews: Anonymous

Adelaide Hostel and Hotel

San Francisco, USA

We wanted to book a budget friendly hostel for a night, but it ended up being a big waste of money. Before I even booked, I called to make sure parking rates were reasonable. The guy inconsiderately asked his coworker to take my question instead, and she told me about discounted rates, but she completely failed to inform me that the garage closed at midnight.Our room was RIGHT NEXT TO THE CHECK IN COUNTER. In the middle of the night, my bf had broken out into hives all over. Had to check out 4am


Loved my time! I stayed 3nights in an all girl 4-bed Private and ended up loving my Roommates from all over the world! It's a short 10 minute walk from sacre coeur and also moulin rouge. Lots of authentic places to eat or pick something up if you just walk around. The metros are 1-2 min walk, so any of the museums, notre dame, plus other popular sights are super accessible. Staff was welcoming & helpful. Complimentary breakfast served in the morning, free wifi, clean & hip. DEFINITELY RECOMMEND!