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YMCA Hostel Basel

Basel, Switzerland

Great spot to stay, very clean and modern. A little expensive, but Bang for buck is good for switzerland! great kitchen and facilities, not the best place for partying or meeting others though it is still quite good for that


Has an awesome/lively bar downstairs, which is a lot of fun, especially if travelling with friends. Bar offers great food at reasonable prices with discounts available. Located across from Shepherds Bush tube station makes getting around town a breeze. Newer/safe neighborhood, stress free environment. Facilities could use a facelift (mainly the bathrooms) but all in all not a bad spot to stay, especially if you are younger or looking to party. Standard security and nice/helpful staff.

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Hey there, Thank you for your feedback . We welcome all feedback given as it helps us improve for future guests. We totally agree, a facelift would do miracles but we work really hard with what we have and so far we appear to be doing a pretty god job, Thank you! If you are ever in London again, pop in and say Hi. We love seeing old guests and hearing all about their adventures. Safe and happy travels. Cheers, The team at St Christopher's

Kabul Backpackers Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Great spot for young people, or people looking to party. Located just off of a central spot on La Rambla makes for a great location. Easy to meet people. Organized club nights. Great bar with frequent happy hours, awesome barstaff. Beautiful rooftop terrace, and free hearty breakfast lunch and dinner. Walking distance to beach, metro station, grocery store, cathedral, restaurants and more. Security is excellent, providing each guest with pseudo-medium sized bank safe (Barca known for theft).

Hostel Meyerbeer Beach

Nice, France

The hostel is very clean, and offers a nice lounge area and friendly/helpful staff. The are often lots of people staying and hanging out in the lounge, which makes it easy to meet friends and find a group to go out with or explore. Really close to a major bus stop, beach, grocery store and most notable places in Nice. Price increases with the seasons, as it does with most hostels in the area, but in comparison to other hostels bang for buck is quite good.

Victoria House Hostel

Nice, France

The hostel staff are really good, and usually take the guests out most nights to the bars etc. if there are people who are keen to go. The place could use a bit of a facelift, however the location is really good, and the friendly atmosphere makes it worth it. Good for people looking to party, as well as simply hang out. I even met up with the staff the next night, when I was staying at a different hostel (no rooms were available at VM)


The hostel is in a prime location by the beach, bars, shops, everything. There is a small bar and lounge area with countless movies; both are great spots to meet people. Breakfast in the morning. Very clean, and comfortable. No real complaints at all. I believe they organize excursions and a few night events for the hostel goers if interested. I was there only for a Monday night, and not much was going on except for a few cheery people at the bar, with which I shared 1Euro happy hour beers.

Hostel One Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

The hostel is a little far away from the city center, but is only a tram ride away. Good bang for buck, with a nice lounge and kitchen area and cheap bar downstairs. Cleanliness was my only real gripe; no pillow cases were provided to us, however they are available? Confusing situation. Bathrooms need a good cleaning, and could use a facelift. if you aren't too picky and bring shower shoes you'll be more than happy with your stay here! Very social environment! Great for young backpackers!

The Cat's Pajamas Hostel

Berlin, Germany

Easily the nicest/cleanest/modern hostel I have stayed at. Bathrooms had heated floors (we think?) and bunk beds have own light/outlet/nook. Stayed in 6 bed dorm, and was very impressed. Metro is very close and most places are easy to get to despite being slightly further away from the core. The bang for buck is unparalleled anywhere, and the extra 5 minute metro ride is WELL worth it. Very comfortable stay. Also family friendly. Only downfall was lack of organized events/parties. Cheap luxury

Four Courts Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

I stayed over St. Paddy's day weekend, so the hostel was really busy yet staff were able to attend to most needs, which was impressive. I paid 50€ a night for my stay which is retarded for the quite average quality, but given the weekend, understandable. The hostel is located across from four courts which is close to temple bar and guinness store house, but is also next to a needle exchange and drug rehabilitation clinic. Take it or leave it, nothing special but a clean roof over your head.

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..and we thought nobody cared. We have the roof cleaned every week, cheers for noticing.

Carpe Noctem

Budapest, Hungary

This is a wicked hostel! The staff are amazing, the atmosphere is cozy and inviting, and the place is as clean as a whistle. The hostel is rather small, which is sweet because you get a bit more of a chilled out and personal experience, but it goes out every night with larger sister hostels making for some pretty sweet parties. I couldn't get over how impressed I was during my stay, they really pull out all the stops to make sure that you do Budapest justice during your visit. HIGHLY recommend!!