Reviews: Anonymous


I've been to three other hostels in SoBe and this is by far the best hostel hands down. It's like a real hotel! The pool is not Olympic size but it's still a pool! There's no towels so you need to bring your own. There's no breakfast. But other than that, it was very clean and not ghetto! I felt more comfortable here than at any other hostel in the area. It's in a great location between Lincoln and Ocean, which is where it's all at!


This place is not well kept. The bed I slept on had a hump due to the AC leaking right onto the hump. I felt like I couldn't touch anything. The cleaning lady used a rag and attached it to the end of a broom's stick to mop. The breakfast was just toast. A big tub of butter was left open and full of bread crumbs. It was too ghetto for me so I was more than anxious to leave.