Reviews: Anonymous

Generator Hostel Copenhagen

Copenhagen, Denmark

The Generator was probably the most professional hostel my friends and I have stayed at so far. It was more like a hotel than a hostel. We had a bathroom and two showers in our room, as well as electrical outlets for each guest. Everything was very clean and they had their own maintainance and cleaning staff. The decorations were modern and stylish which added to the hotel-esque experience.

Paddy's Palace Dublin

Dublin, Ireland

The beds were clean and comfortable, but that was the best part of the hostel. Some staff members were helpful, while others were not courteous at all. The bathrooms and showers were fairly clean (no major complaints). There wasn't much of a friendly atmosphere or anything.

Flying Pig Uptown

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Staying at the Flying Pig Uptown was a great hostel experience. The laid back atmosphere and friendly staff were awesome. We were able to relax at night while still having a good time at the bar. The breakfast was really good too.