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Emerald Fields

Florence, Italy

The beds were the most comfortable of any hostel I have stayed in. This place really feels like you are living in a home and not a hostel. I would certainly suggest it.


Rome, Italy

The staff during the day are really nice and helpful. However, during the night, the staff are slightly rude. On Easter Sunday, we were trying to quietly skype our family and we got yelled at for "being disruptive". However, the drunk girls screaming in the entryway of the building was not too loud for him.


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Hostel Meyerbeer Beach

Nice, France

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Backpackers BCN

Barcelona, Spain

Nice hostel with great people for a fantastic price! I would recommend it to anyone.

Euphemia Old City Canal Zone

Amsterdam, Netherlands

The hostel was dirty. I flushed the toilet in the bathroom on the second floor and it backed up into the sink.

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you shouldn't have blocked the toilet

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Very unique hostel with beautiful facilities. The breakfast is wonderful, certainly worth the 5 euros!


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