Reviews: Anonymous


Wifi was poor, rarely worked. Peeling paint every where. Carpets were gross and stained. Morning staff was great, evening staff was rude. Plastic chairs in lounge are al cracked and ready to collapse. Add some fruit or eggs to breakfast. Put a mini fridge in rooms instead of plastic "stool". Would have been nice to keep personal food and drinks cold in room. Get cable tv for rooms so that we can watch movies or real tv shows that are current. Elevator breaks down regularly.

Anwar House

London, England

The anwar house did provide the basic necessities while I stayed there. It was a great surprise to have a fridge in the room. Wifi was good and consistent, but as I understand it is only like that on the first floor. Thankfully that is the floor I was on. Lila was very friendly, however, since the house is old and tall, her voices echoed. Was woken up several times with her talking either to guests or on the phone at all hours of the day/night.