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Akkogate Guest Hostel

Akko, Israel

Good location and good bedroom. The kitchen was very dirty though.

Hostel Overstay TLV

Tel Aviv, Israel

The location is not very good. The organization and their system of work was not very good as well. For the price it's ok, but it could be better.

New Swedish Hostel

Jerusalem, Israel

The staff is very friendly and the location is great!


The location is very good, the staff is very friendly and the hostel's atmosphere was unique :)

Oops Design Hostel

Paris, France

Kind staff, good breakfast and room.

Ivanhoe Hostel

Rome, Italy

The hostel is very well located, from there one can go everywhere by foot and enjoy the city. You have to pay extra for the breakfast, but it really worths it. The staff is also very friendly. The internet didnt work in the bedroom, so it was kinda incovenient. You also have to leave the hostel between 11h and 16h, what was not good, but besides, everything ok.

Ostello S. Fosca

Venice, Italy

The hostel is very well located and easy to get to. They serve coffee and tee for breakfast for free and have a very nice common room. The bedrooms were clean, but the blaked I got was a bit smelly... The offered sheets though, so it was ok. The wifi didnt work in the bedroom, what was a little bit unconvenient, but besides, everything all right.

B&B Arena Artist

Verona, Italy

It was very good to stay there. It's very well located and the woman who received was very attentious and careful. We expected a better breakfast, but for the price it's ok.

Old Town Lagos Hostel

Lagos, Portugal

The hostel is very well located, inside the downtown, as the name suggests, and also very close to the beaches of Lagos. The atmosphere and the facilities are also very good and the staff is alsways ready to help in case of need.

Tourist House Santa Croce

Florence, Italy

The location is really very good and it's preety easy to reach. The staff is very polite and attencious. I didnt have anyproblem, but I got a bed which was not exactely a bed - a little shorter than me! :P haha But it was good after all.

Phoenix Hostel

London, England

Good for the price.

Ashfield Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

No customer comment