Reviews: Anonymous

Supertramp Hostel

Machu Picchu, Peru

The staff formed a clique and were very unwelcoming. Thy sat around the tv all day or were very loud in the common room until late when most of the guests were planning to get up in the we hours to hike up to Machu Pichu. Over all it was a very unfriendly and disrespectful environment. I would never recommend it.

Niras Bankoc Cultural Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

The staff are so wonderful I can think of no better place in BKK to stay. This is one of my favorite hostels of all times. I kept coming back. The staff treat you like family and they may have the most comfortable hostel beds in all of se Asia! Also famous phat Thai across the street is SO good

Nora's Homestay and Rainforest

Bukit Lawang, Indonesia

The location was beautiful and would be very peaceful if the staff were not so loud and nosy. They do book very good tours and the fruit porridge is really good!


The cubicles are old so they are moldy. Wake up feeling sick from being surrounded by mold!

Sila Resort

Sukhothai, Thailand

The staff were unhelpful and generally unfriendly. I felt like my things were not safe at this guesthouse. I felt I could not leave anything of value in my room and needed to keep it locked at all times. This was a huge change from any other place I had stayed at in Northern Thailand. The room also had dirt on the walls and my fan was broken so the floor fan took up the only available plug in the room. Bummer...