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Location: Australia, Gender: Female, Age: 27


London, England

Bathrooms very clean,nice décor,staff ok always polite&friendly, ok area some pubs&restaurants. Paid wifi only works in common ares £3connection fee(just go to mcdonalds!), very small rooms w/ very little storage space,bar is the only lively place but its too loud for anything other than drinking, quite far from underground,staff although friendly not overly helpful didn't offer any information about area or transport unless you ask. In my opinion it was just ok, my boyfriend hated it though.

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Hi there Thank you for your detailed feedback! If you could give us a detailed feedback about why your boyfriend hated the place it would be nice for us to hear it, the email adress is We' hope you'll be back soon. Kind regards Clink78 Team

St Christopher's Greenwich

London, England

This place is average. The staff are unhelpful and slow, also one continuously flirted with me very obviously in front of my girlfriend. The hostel is very close to the station but far from the city, there is ok restaurants in the area though which is good because the food in the bar is expensive for what you get even with the discount. Wireless is shocking and was even blocked on one of the nights we were there, their solution? To go to the pub down the road!


Room floor was filthy, dust everywhere, poor showers and dirty bathroom. No real common area so no real atmosphere. The kitchen facilities were quite good as was the breakfast. Wireless is free in common areas but paid in the rooms, I didn't mind paying as it was quite fast but I was annoyed that I was told the code I bought could only be used on one device when it could be used on two so we bought and activated two codes unnecessarily. Shoreditch is cool but far out of the city.

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We are sorry that you felt this way! We are planning upgrades to that room in the near future. But until then we have kicked the cleaners butts in gear!

Hotel My Home

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Rooms are small, little atmosphere, staff were great as was breakfast! We were annoyed because we paid for a double room and got given a twin and still paid the same :-/ Wifi average.

Tiger Tims Place

Budapest, Hungary

Id like to note that this review is for the sexy tractor not TigerTims.We booked at TigerTims on b/c of a recommendation they told us the facilities were great&the atmosphere was even better,we were put into the SexyTractor which although was a great hostel had no atmosphere which we were very disappointed with. The facilities were wonderful&the staff were friendly&helpful apart from tim himself who was nice to everyone except my boyfriend Once the sexy tractor gets on its feet it will be great.

Hostel Split Wine Garden

Split, Croatia

No atmosphere! THe only common area is a patio with a table and a sofa, no organised activities to get people together it was a bit sad I wouldn't have liked to go there alone! The rooms were a little small but the showers and the wifi were good!

Hostel Dubrovnik Sunset

Dubrovnik, Croatia

No common room just a bar that is unmanned&a lounge that you're not supposed to really use. This means no real atmosphere Far out of town,a 'shuttle' does run but not as frequently as it could and if breaks down they use cars which means you will most likely miss out at some point The rooms are quite nice,they seem like they used to be self contained apartments that were turned into dormsThere are balconies that run around the whole building The staff are ok, not too helpful ¬ very talkative.

Nana's Rooms

Ljubljana, Slovenia

We didn't spend long here so I can't really comment but it seemed a nice place to stay. We arrived quite late and were worried we'd missed the office hours to check in but as we'd already paid for the night we caught a taxi there just in case. When we arrived I told the girl working what had happened, she told us it would be fine, checked us in gave us our key and room number. When we got upstairs she had upgraded us without saying anything! So lovely! It is VERY far out of town though!

Ace of Spades Hostel

Bled, Slovenia

AMAZING!This is the best hostel we have stayed in in our two month trip!The decor was nice, it was extremely clean,the staff are fantastic.The atmosphere is a little so-so but it just meant you had to put a little more effort to commune w/the other visitors which is fine!The activities are really good and the bathrooms were too!The toilet paper could have been replaced more often though! Absolutely wonderful we'd like to say a huge thank you to the two guys running the place we had a great time!

Hostel AVA

Ljubljana, Slovenia

I hated this place.We were put on the top floor with no cooling whatsoever just a skylight with no fly screen so if we had the light on for more than 10mins our room was full of bugs.There was crumbs on my mattress when I arrived and my bed was simply a plank of wood with a thin ikea mattress.We cancelled our last two nights and got a refund but they tried to rip us off 15 euro.Also charged 20% c/c fee without telling me.The 'kitchen' was two elec hotplates

Hostel Mali Mrak Zagreb

Zagreb, Croatia

The staff were really nice but the place itself was quite dingy. The walls had been painted in very dark colours making the whole place feel dim and grimy. The kitchen was a mess but it looked like it just needs more storage space, the common room was quite cramped with bits of furniture shoved in. It's a little way out of town but very close to a bus station. When going here USE A MAP otherwise you will be searching for hours.

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Dingy, dim and grimy!? If it weren't for the saying: "you are what you perceive", we'd almost be insulted by that. Almost ;)

Old Town Hostel

Zadar, Croatia

So much love for this place! Every member of staff we encountered was bright bubbly and helpful, the location was fantastic, the rooms were spacious and clean, the bathrooms were a little small but very clean and real,y how much room do you actually need?! The only thing I would change about it is the common area it's far too small and isn't conducive to socialisation at all! We ended up trying to crowd six or seven people around the table but had to move because of others wanting to cook & eat

Escudellers House

Barcelona, Spain

Fantastic place to stay! I almost want to give a bad review so there's always room for me! Great common area, friendly helpful staff, comfy rooms etc. We were lucky and scored a private room (up a hundred stairs) with a balcony! The only thing I can complain about is the water pressure in the shower and lack of signage! Get a sign! If you're looking for the place it's the street with a statue of a man sitting at the top of it and it is in fact the dirty smelly door with six on it!

HelloBCN Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Good hostel only spent two nights here so can't judge much, the rooms are quite small, no aircon. But all in all ok. Also everyone was very friendly! One reception guy very helpful other two very unhelpful! We were trying to check out and thy were just talking to each other while we were waiting

Astor Hyde Park

London, England

Staff were great except for one, location was great so close to three of the major museums! Close enough to pace yourself and go everyday! Kitchen was fantastic and the wireless just reached our floor on my laptop (third I think) keep in mind there are a lot of stairs as it is in an old building in an old neighbourhood but just think cardio! The atmosphere was average, most of the staff were residents so you had to make a real effort to befriend some of them. All in all we enjoyed our stay!