Reviews: Anonymous

SoBe Hostel & Bar

Miami, USA

I had an excellent stay at SoBe. The front desk staff was what made my stay! Super helpful and friendly, don't hesitate to ask them questions, everyone I encountered really wanted to make my stay a great one. The only complaint I have is that the women's bathroom upstairs was consistently out of service at 8 am for cleaning, no big deal though just had to go to the one downstairs. I will defintiely be returning next time I am in South Beach!

Bodega Phuket

Phuket, Thailand

Superb hostel, I would definitely stay again! My friend and I made friends right away, the staff is very helpful, excellent location, comfortable and spacious rooms. I really liked the layout because we never had to climb into a top bunk. Large cabinets are available for each bed but it would have been nice if they had a latch for a lock, instead they provide small lockers and keys for a deposit.

NapPark Hostel at Khao San

Bangkok, Thailand

Best hostel I've ever stayed at and considering the location and I just can't say how excellent it was! Air conditioned and the way the bunks are set up it basically felt like my friend and I had our own room.