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40 Berkeley Hostel

Boston, USA

The only issue I'd have to say, is I wish there were more towels ( like 2 per guest) and an extra pillow , But other than that everything was great.


I liked it enough, the only problem I had were the other guest being loud, and the prices of towels.

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Hi thank you for your feedback. where possible we always try to ensure our guests behave in a manner that is respectful to other guests. However some people can be a little loud and once informed of this we will always speak to those who are making too much noise. With regard to the towels, we charge £2 to rent one or you can purchase one for £10. Aside from these two issues, we hope you had a good stay and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Lagan Backpackers

Belfast, Northern Ireland

It was a great stay, very pleasant and spacious.

The Pillar

Dublin, Ireland

very cramped, not enough space.

Captain Halpin's Hostel

Wicklow, Ireland

water in shower was too cold.


Friendly staff, really helpful, good suggestions, they had their dogs with them during the day, I loved that, very sweet! Room smelled a little stale. Our roommates were amazing, made some good friends and went out together.


The rooms were freezing, the showers weren't too clean, Couldn't find staff most of the time they were hanging out somewhere else. The hostel is beautiful, an old house from the 18th century, very creepy feeling though, I couldn't sleep all night, I kept hearing whistling down the halls, I felt like I was in a scary movie, lol. Far drive and even farther walk to the town, or any fun.

Skellig Ring House Hostel

Portmagee, Ireland

We arrived and not a single person was there, we thought it was closed or something, We found someone at the bar that knew the owners number and finally got a hold of them, After that the staff wasn't to bad. Not much to do at Port Magee at night, and hostels a bit of a walk from the 2 pubs/ restaurants in the town.

Rainbow Hostel Doolin

Doolin, Ireland

Very friendly owners, so nice and helpful, cute dog too! yummy scones and tea for breakfast. Loved the pub Mcmegeans! fun.


The staff was amazing! Loved Oliver!!! and the manager was as sweet and lovable as anyone could get, she gave us our own room after hearing about our bad day ( we got lost for 6 hours driving from dublin to connemara straight off the airplane!) Then she sent Oliver out with us to buy us or first Irish drink, Oliver is a cutie from France btw, very funny guy! wish we'd had more time there, even though theres not a lot of night life and the town is small, the hostels friendliness made up for it.