Reviews: ugur_lu

Location: Turkey, Gender: Male, Age: 31

Saki Guesthouse

Budva, Montenegro

very good place to stay. helpful staff. if you go to this hostel, you should have a boat tour with Saki. it was the best tour ever. cheap and very good.


Tirana, Albania

nice hostel but not in a very good place. helpful staff. can be preffered again.

Di Angolo Hostel

Ohrid, Macedonia

Great hostel but it is not close to center, it is in the center. :) I really wouldn't expect that close. Antony is a former tourist guide which makes his recommendations stronger. you'll like this hostel.

UNITY Hostel Skopje

Skopje, Macedonia

very good place and staff. I will definetely stay again when I come to Skopje. highly recommended.

Day 'n' night

Nis, Serbia

The best hostel ever. Nis is a small place so it is close to center. staff are so helpfull and hospitable. I think it is better than a 3* hotel. definetely recommended in Nis, Serbia.


Sarajevo, Bosnia And Herzegovina

close to center and old city, great staff, nice atmosphere.

City Center Hostel

Kiev, Ukraine

it is in the center which makes it preferable. nice staff.