Reviews: Anonymous

City Backpackers Hostel

Stockholm, Sweden

Great location and staff. Good common space. Having a bar would have been nice.

Slottsskogens Youth Hostel

Gothenburg, Sweden

A little quiet for a hostel, but good facilities and a really helpful staff.

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

Great hostel in a good location. The bar is a really good place to meet people and the staff is helpful.

Copenhagen Downtown Hostel

Copenhagen, Denmark

No customer comment


Antwerp, Belgium

No customer comment

Hostel Van Gogh

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Absolutely horrible hostel. Location is decent, and facilities are fine. However, when it comes to what's important for a hostel is fails on every level. There is no common space to hang out or meet new people. You have to sit around in a sterile cafeteria area. The staff is completely rude, and you can tell they don't want to be there. There are tons of hostels in Amsterdam, don't waste your time here.

Stone Hotel & Hostel

Utrecht, Netherlands

This is not really a hostel. It's just sort of a cheap hotel with dorms. It's not terrible if you need a cheap place to sleep for a night, but don't expect a hostel experience.

St Christopher's at The Winston

Amsterdam, Netherlands

No customer comment

La Chimba Hostel

Santiago, Chile

Hostel is in a good location, with nice beds and decent character. However, the staff was the worst I dealt with in any hostel in South America. They were lazy and seemed annoyed if you asked them for help. I asked them for a map for directions in the city and they said they didn't have any. Turned out they did, it was just too far away from the lady to go get. There are better places to stay in Santiago.

I Keu Ken Hostel

El Calafate, Argentina

Probably the best hostel to stay at in el calafate, even though it's a bit out of the way. Just an average hostel when it comes to the rooms, but great common room with a nice view and god character.

Backpackers Kaweskar Hostel

Puerto Natales, Chile

Really nice hostel, especially in cold weather. Great beds. Pretty impressive that one guy runs the entire thing. Hostel wasn't very busy because I was there in the off season, but the common room was still good for meeting people.

Milhouse Avenue

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Definitely the best place to stay in BA if you want to meet people. Really well run for such a big hostel, and the staff were all extremely nice and social. The rooms themselves aren't particularly nice, but the rest of the hostel makes up for it. Great location as well.

NgocThao GuestHouse

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Great hostel in a good location. Pretty small common room, but very inviting. The staff were some of the nicest and hardest working people at hostels I ever dealt with. Rooms are very clean and comfortable.

Hue Backpackers Hostel

Hue, Vietnam

Decent hostel all the way around. Good location and nice rooms. The balcony on the second floor is great.


Probably the most mixed opinion I've ever had about a hostel in my life. Great location, great facilities, and extremely well run for a mega-hostel. However, the culture and staff of the place really brought it down. The Vietnamese staff was great, but the young Aussie and British guys that worked at the hostel were terrible. They had no interest in doing real work -- they were just looking to hook up with all the girls in the hostel. Quite a shame, because the hostel could be great.

Lub d Bangkok Siam Square

Bangkok, Thailand

Nice, clean hostel. Good location and helpful staff. However, way overpriced for Bangkok.

Indraprastha Home Stay

Ubud, Indonesia

Nice hostel in a beautiful setting. Better for couples though, not going to meet anybody there. Great staff.

BackHome Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Great hostel with great staff, location, and facilities. Could have a better common room.

Jailhouse Accommodation Christchurch

Christchurch, New Zealand

Really nice staff, and interesting feel. However, not a great location or a very social hostel.