Reviews: Anonymous

Barmy Badger Backpackers

London, England

The owner is who makes this place worth staying at. Extremely nice and helpful.

Ivanhoe Hostel

Rome, Italy

Really fun hostel if you're looking to meet people. The staff and friendly and take you out to bars/clubs. Definitely stay here if you want to have a good time.

Youth Meeting Home

Florence, Italy

There are only 2 toilets for the entire hostel, so it's impossible to use the bathroom in the morning when everyone is trying to get ready. Lockout is from 10-5, which is ridiculous. The staff are not friendly. The staff don't try to get you to know the other people staying at the hostel like many other hostels will do. The only redeeming factor is that it's in a very good location. I do not recommend this place at all.

Hostel One Paralelo

Barcelona, Spain

The staff were incredibly hospitable and fixed us excellent dinners every night for free. They took us on bar/club tours at night which was great since it's hard to know which ones to go to. Highly recommend this hostel.