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Neptunes Town Hostel

Killarney, Ireland

The atmosphere at this hostel was great and I talked with all of the people who stayed in my room. The facilities weren't the cleanest, the one sink on the hall would not drain. Other than that though, the rooms were clean and nice for a hostel.

Isaacs Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

The staff were really nice and the place was super clean. The bathrooms were immaculate and there was plenty of hot water.

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Thanks so much for your great review. Do come again.


The staff were not happy or nice during check-in. They messed up my bed assignment and then were pissed when the bed assignments in the room were off and made me feel like it was my fault, even though it was their mistake. The breakfast was decent, but because the less than friendly staff, I would not stay here again. It was decently clean though.

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Hey, Its such a shame you had bad experiences, We apologise deeply for this. Occasionally mistakes can happen, especially when in busy periods, however this is not something that should be blamed on you. I will take full responsibility and aim to ensure this kind of mistake wont happen again. Im happy you enjoyed our brand new breakfast, its something we improved for our more than deserving customers. Im sure when you come back youll see the vast improvements in staff! St Chris Paris