Reviews: Anonymous

The Cranky Croc Hostel

Bogota, Colombia

The female receptionists do not understand English, don't even attempt to. The area at night is one of the worst I've ever seen. EVERYTHING is closed and it's very dangerous (I'm 6'4 and 240 lbs and had guys trying to rob me twice) there is no party here, no atmosphere at all. Stay away from this place, chip in the extra 20 bucks and get a place close to Zona Rosa (partying and safe). I'm REALLY disappointed w hostelworld for this one and hope they investigate the high rating of this place

Milhouse Avenue

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Avenue is a great hostel, I stayed in the private room and it was comparable to a hotel, the atmosphere of both avenue and hipo is great, good party good people. Unfortunately I got moved over to Hipo and stuck right beside the porn theatre.. Honestly, heavily drunk, door closed, windows shut, ear plug in ear, pillow on my head,. And STILL I was kept up all night by violent loud porn... Sounds fun and all until u can't sleep for ur 3rd consequtive night

HI Copa Hostel

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Arrived for Carnaval, and I do understand that the prices go up for such an event, but 230+ Brazilian Real a night is effin ridiculous for what u get. MAYBE if I had a room in the advertised building it would have been a lot better, instead I was put I'm a small cramped apartment a few blocks away w absolutely no character, charm and most unfortunately for me AC. Coming from Canadian winter into Brazilian summer it's pretty much guaranteed ur going to sweat... But that was too ridiculous