Reviews: Anonymous

Location: England, Gender: Female, Age: 26

Rooms was nice and tidy and clean Rest of the hostel was dirty. free internet and wifi no locks on the rooms

Eastener Hostel

Berlin, Germany

No customer comment


one of the best hostels ive stayed in. just not in the best location

Central Station Hostel

Amsterdam, Netherlands

good hostel


Not on the main strip, however between the main strip and the old trip. Nice room, with pool. easy to get to the main strip with regular bus service with a bus ticket that lasted 24 hours.


No customer comment

Bamboo Beach

Nadi, Fiji

No customer comment

LakeFront Backpackers Lodge

Lake Tekapo, New Zealand

Okay hostel, we were only there for one. Almost like a cabin-like hostel which was cos and cute, however it was very cold! Rooms were quite small for 4 people. Lady working there was very rude to everyone checking in.

Base Queenstown

Queenstown, New Zealand

Staff were rude to us. they woke up us up and got into bed with some else staying in our room and being very loud. Offensive to our friend with us. made a complaint to the manager for which he got in trouble for. however, rumours afterwards was that the manager there too was going into guests rooms and getting into girls beds. apparently he'd had many harassment complaints from girls however was still working there??? not sure if he is still working there though.

Nomads Noosa

Noosa, Australia

clean rooms, big rooms, fun. 5/10 mins walk from the beach.


Sydney, Australia

Don't stay here, not clean. Not all the bunk beds had ladders to the top bunk which made this a challenge to get to your bed whilst someone was asleep underneath you. as I had to stand on their mattress to get to my bed on the top bunk. Kitchen wasn't clean, couldn't find mugs to even have a cup of tea. Rooms were cramped with too many people in a small room.

Chaweng Place Samui

Koh Samui, Thailand

Run by a lovely man, made us feel very welcome. Cute puppy of the owners too, very sweet,harmless - doesn't go into guests rooms though and very well behaved. 5/10 min walk from the main strip, which was perfect for us as we weren't getting disturbed by the loud music all night.