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Taco Shack Hostel

Koh Tao, Thailand

Great hostel, great bed, good restaurant. Wifi is bad, but you end up having fun with the pool table. Very nice place

Kikies House

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Security is very poor. There are some lockers, but most of them in my room were completely broken, with no door at all. Bathroom is in the room, but very smelly and dirty. And it was quite common to wake up in the morning and find it with no toilet paper - they just don't bother replacing it, you have to go to the reception and ask for it in your pajamas. And after walking a while i figured there seem to be better options in the city. Search a little more.

Nocknoy Lanexang Guesthouse

Luang Prabang, Laos

Great hostel, very good bed and pillow. Only bad thing is the lack of any lockers, so your stuff just stay there.

Kounsavan Guest House

Luang Prabang, Laos

Not a nice hostel, wonder how it got such high rates over here. Arrived around 10p.m. and they tried to put me in a bed with used sheets and blanket. Once i noticed and complained, they changed only the sheets, and told me they had no clean blanket. Staff is lazy, the room is too small and hard to breath, and the bed and pillow are terrible. Wouldn't recommend at all.

Catba Central Hostel

Cat Ba Island, Vietnam

Good hostel for one night, just a place to rest after or before tours around the island. Try not to stay in the huge dorm, it's too bright and hard to sleep. After hearing that i could've had a private room in another hostel for just 3 extra dollars i felt a little bad for staying here.

Little Hanoi Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

No key for the room, it's just opened all day. Bathroom in the dorm is dark and not kept so clean. Staff in the reception is nice and helpfull, but the kitchen guys were extremely loud so early in the morning, and since the dorm door is close to the kitchen, it was quite disturbing.

Hoi An Villa River View

Hoi An, Vietnam

Very nice old house, a bit far from city old center but you can get a bike for 1 dollar. Staff is amazing, Nga is also a great cooking teacher.

Vietnam Inn Saigon

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Party hostel. Don't stay here if you are not willing to get drunk every single night and having to deal with crazy backpackers in their early 20's screaming through the staircase. Staff was more interested in explaining the pub crawl night tour and talking about how drunk you could get in the rooftop bar than showing the hostel dependencies. Security is also poor, there is just a smal locker in the room, which won't fit any respectable bacpack.

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We appreciate your feedback. We stand behind our reputation as a lively hostel which includes the western staff explaining how the nightly social event works and to provide an experience and opportunity for backpackers to have a fun night. Like most other hostels we provide small lockers in each dorm room for individual’s essentials and valuables (passport,laptop, phone, credit/debit cards etc.) as there isn’t enough space in 12 bed dorms to allow for full lockers.

The Siem Reap Hostel

Siem Reap, Cambodia

Good hostel, great swimming pool to relax after walking around the temples. Bathroom was not so clean, though.

Here Hostel

Bangkok, Thailand

Great hostel, great beds, great pillows. Best hostel during my Southeast Asia trip


Great hostel. It may get a bit noisy during the night, since the rooms walls doesn't go all the way to the ceiling, so you end up listening to everything going on in other rooms. Staff also is not the best, every one seemed to be having a very bad day and was in a bad mood. But good value for money.

Paris Hotel & Hostel

Istanbul, Turkey

Terrible beds, extremely bad bathroom & shower, overall ambient not clean at all. Add to it five disgusting south asian guys who kept smoking and eating noodles on the bedroom floor and trashed the bathroom with disgusting habits and ruin your 4 day experience in Istanbul. Can't understand how it got such high ratings over here. Wouldn't recommend.

Riad Baraka

Chefchaouen, Morocco

The hostel is clean, but the owner and his mother are extremely impolite and rude. The room was ready only half an hour after we arrived and there were some staff guys making lots of noise right outside our room . Next morning, after a rude explanation about their breakfast, we tried unsuccessfully to find something in the street. We returned to the hostel but were refused to be served because the mother was ironing. Check out was also messy with the owners being very rude again. Not nice at all