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This hostel is a little bit far from the city and the stations, but it is GREAT headquarters if you are looking to rent a bike and explore the huge parks and lakes that Hangzhou is famous for. The only negative is that the room I picked (cheapest shared) didn't have lockers, but other than that everything is super clean, the bed was comfy, the wifi was generally good and fast, the staff was friendly, the bike was very decent, and there were good eating options nearby. Very much recommend it!


It is a bit pricey for Chinese standards of a good hostel, but that might be because apparently all shared rooms come with a washroom ensuite. They have a good amount of information available for going to the mountain, but I feel it could have been better. I had to pay 100rmb to a taxi driver to go back in the afternoon at 6:30pm because apparently buses stopped at 6pm, of course I am to blame but I just wish that the staff would have saved me of that by informing me better.

Nanjing Time Youth Hostel

Nanjing, China

I have stayed in this hostel last year and again was not disappointed. :) The door to the loft needs repair so it can close, and the washrooms could use a little bit more care, that said they should forbid people from smoking in them, since they easily become unbreathable gas chambers. Other than that is a super nice place, big and roomy, especially the common area downstairs, and of course the biggest highlight is the staff, who were super friendly and helpful with any questions I came up with.

Otto's House

Toronto, Canada

For Canadian standards.. is a good hostel.. Old building, nice city location, smelly room, nice washrooms and living room, a bit weird tenants, but nice girl who checked me in, NO bedbugs on my bed (on a Canadian hostel, this is a new record! it really amazes me that for example China has hostels that for 6-7$ a night you feel you are staying in a 5 star hotel, while in Canada for 30$ you find the hostels to be barely livable..). Anyways, not applicable to this one, this one is good.


I find a couple of reviews from before quite unfair, the "smell" someone else mentions is the natural nice smell from the tatami mats, this is a great hostel! beautiful, clean, fast internet, the staff is fun and helpful, the location is great with plenty of places to eat and plenty of transportation links nearby, including a cheap bike rental service! I just give a "good" and not "Excellent" to security because rooms have no lockers, but there are smaller lockers outside in the entrance.

Ashoka Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

So... I was relieved to confirm that these people seemingly have nothing to do with the other horror hostels at Chunking Mansion. They keep the facilities clean and working, they give you fresh towels every day for free, we can also use the fridge and the internet is super fast and reliable. The negative points is that it doesn't have the atmosphere of a backpackers hostels.. very cold. And the location... disgusting Chunking Mansion.. sketchy and dirty, full of cockroaches and awful elevator..

Aishe Hostel Guangzhou

Guangzhou, China

Well... it's ok, I chose this hostel because of the location (near the East Station). It's a small apartment and the rooms are very small with three bunker beds all cramped together, a small washroom, and a wider, more comfortable common room. The facilities work... but overall, as for Chinese hostels this one is toooo expensive for what you get, I have stayed in better places for almost half the price. From the staff I got a mixture of friendliness and "TalkingAboutMeInChinese" behavior..

Green Forest Hostel

Yangshuo, China

As I already told the staff a couple of times: if there is a national competition for the best hostel in China (if not the world).. these people need not worry, they are winning. If there is anything like a 5 star hostel, this one would be the example, seriously out of this world: Staff, location, internet, food, shower, toilets, space, design! they are just missing the jacuzzi and the pool!

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It was always with "Woo" in your journey?!Ha ha!Thank you very much for the recommendation!!!


This hostel is pretty much perfect, everything, wifi, showers, etc, also their pizzas are very good! If anything, the directions to get there are not perfect, I got lost following the instructions, heavy backpack, under the rain, no one new the street, not even two taxi drivers. Once at Yangqiao bus stop and crossing the street you have to walk north for a few minutes to find the street they mention. It is a few minutes walk from transportation, but it is a beautiful location.


GREAT HOSTEL! I would live on it. Fast and reliable wifi, rooms, common room and toilets clean and tidy. The staff was amazingly helpful all the way with all my 300 questions and pointed me in the right way every time. Same goes for the sister hostels in Wulingyuan and Yuanyuajie, I stayed in all three.

Fenghuang Biancheng Hostel

Fenghuang-Phoenix County, China

Excellent hostel overall, clean, safe, comfy, great staff and good working internet. Only two awful points: people were allowed to smoke in the lobby/common area, which made it an un-livable gas chamber. Second: I tried to leave the hostel at 6am to go take pictures. Nobody was in the lobby, I tried to call telephones, yell, bang into the wall for noise, nothing. I had to climb my way out on the rooftop, which was fun, but I don't want to think what would happen during a fire or emergency.

Budget Hostel

Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Not much to say, excellent hostel. Good location, with a huge supermarket just across the street, subway on the corner, a bus ride from train station and airport. Great prices. Helpful and friendly staff. I'll be back for sure. Only downside is the wifi, which is pretty unreliable, goes on and off all the time, but when it works its fast.

Nanjing Time Youth Hostel

Nanjing, China

I stayed in a dorm for a couple of nights, strange arrangement 30 something beds in one loft but surprisingly wasn't bad at all, lots of space for everybody. The only downside maybe the location, it may be tricky to find at the beginning, and is a bit of a walk away from transportation, not long though. All that aside great place to stay!! would stay there again!!

Shaolin Traveler Hostel

Dengfeng Shaolin Temple, China

The location was very good and the girl that received us was super nice and helpful, also the internet was very fast. But I feel they could work out better showers, there is only one room with communal showers and they run out of hot water pretty fast. Also just one toilet room for the entire hostel that can get messy very quickly. No lockers in dormitory. These are minor inconveniences and should not stop you from staying at this hostel though, great for its price.

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Han Tang House

Xi'an, China

Unbelievable beds, good showers, clean toilets, amazing, helpful and friendly staff. A great place to stay!! Just avoid the 1st floor if you have any problems with cigarette smoke, is close to the bar area.


I was very happy with this hostel, best I had stayed in so far in China. The staff is friendly, helpful and awesome, the facilities are unbelievable, amazing for parties and small concerts, the washrooms are cleaned regularly, the hot water pressure on the showers is super good and doesn't run out. The only problem I had aside the location was the food though, two times I tried the cheap dishes at the hostel and both times my digestive system couldn't handle it. Aside of this, AWESOME PLACE!


Great hostel, staff and location. The hostel has a beautiful place for hanging out and the breakfasts are good. It is close to a busy 'old style' street by one of the canals and market. Between walking distance or easy access by bus to many other locations and the Rail and bus stations. Only mild discomfort was brought by the showers, the pressure wasn't great and if everyone is using them they run out of hot water (never becoming freezing though). Do not let this refrain you, great hostel.


The staff was amazingly helpful with me, every time I had an issue or any questions they helped me. The hostel has a beautiful deck & bar area The only real problem I had was the cold, the entire hostel was super cold. The room was freezing as well, as either the heater was not powerful enough or the insulation was poor. I finally got sick on my last night Also I didn't like that, as a rule, we were not allowed to bring outside food on the bar area, where else could we go? Otherwise excellent