Reviews: Anonymous

Freedom Traveller

Rome, Italy

Pretty decent hostel, the 10-3 lockout is annoying. Only hostel I stayed at with a lockout, most hostels let you sleep in

Seven Hostel

Sorrento, Italy

I stayed here just to lie low for a few days while I recovered from strep throat and I HAD A GREAT TIME!!! I chilled in my bunk and the wifi was great and the breakfast was included and it was perfect for me, yay

Camera Con Vista

Amalfi, Italy

This bed and breakfast is great. I had a terrible time in Amalfi because I got strep throat and the girl I was traveling with went psychotic on me, BUT THE ROOM WAS GREAT!!! I slept most of the time

The Yellow

Rome, Italy

Really good hostel, definitely a party hostel though so just be forewarned, but I had a darn good time :)

PLUS Florence

Florence, Italy

Good hostel, swimming pool was a nice treat, the wifi was terrible, but I shouldn't have been on the dam computer that much, I should've been out exploring the city, oh well

Ostello Bello

Milan, Italy

Possibly my favorite hostel ever, awesome vibe, aperitivo is great


The prices were highly inflated because of spring fest, but a good hostel all around


Great hostel, awesome wifi, supermarket next door, Wombat's treated me well

St Christophers Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

Great hostel, Prague is awesome, no complaints

Citystay Mitte

Berlin, Germany

Great location, pretty decent hostel, the bunks were a little old and creaky, wifi was iffy, but not a bad hostel for the money

Generator Hostel Hamburg

Hamburg, Germany

Really good hostel, clean, modern, nice, right by the train station but a little far from the Reeperbahn.

Shelter City

Amsterdam, Netherlands

It was a little weird staying in a Christian hostel in the middle of the Red Light District, but it makes for good writing material. If you're hellbent on raging your face off, go somewhere else. Staff is great, but they will ask you to join they're evening prayer

Brussels Hostel Grand Place

Brussels, Belgium

Great location, decent hostel. Checking in at a remote location was kind of a pain, but what can you do


Cool area, the East side of London. Pretty cool vibe, very hipstery. They were remodeling at the time, so I'm thinking the facilities will improve soon


Great hostel in a quiet residential area. Perfect if you're looking to lie low for awhile and want some privacy. If you want to party, probably not the hostel for you