Reviews: Anonymous

Livingstone Backpackers

Livingstone, Zambia

for me one of best backpackers (jollyboys camps) place seen : central but out of main road, full of only useful information and not plenty seesighting cards, chalet or camping affordable price, 10 min of supermarket , self catering well , free deposit to aeroport (here in zambia is very useful....) and victoria fall for free (really pratical), staff do there best .. a great base for continue adenture to tanzania or more with a internet connectionaffordable price ... THANKS TO JOLLY BOYS CAMPS

Funky Monkeys Backpackers

Nelspruit, South Africa

i have been victim of sexual suggestion inside this hostel after a quick change of manager and climat (a drug connection ?) from a group of worker (painter) with reasl photos, and this new young manager don't want to undersand with a good willing. the lack of security man brng some external security who agree an understand very well my situation of regular tourist face to this network comedie i have been in police for do a complain but too much queue for do a regular and effective compliain ...