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Hotel Texas

Rome, Italy

Overall very happy with our stay. Few outlets in the room, but that was about the only issue we ran into. Nothing stellar, but surely pleased.

Hotel San Giovanni

Florence, Italy

THIS REVIEW IS FOR PENSIONE CANADA. I booked with Hotel San Giovanni and they had over-booked, but done me the favor of re-booking me at another place nearby. I appreciated the gesture, but if you're offered the same chance, DO NOT take it. The woman who ran that hotel is an obsessive-compulsive micro-manager who was thoroughly unhelpful from the start to the end and set a terrible tone for our entire time in Florence. You'll have better luck elsewhere.

B&B Ca'Dor

Venice, Italy

This review is for BB Veneziama. I'd been over-booked at B&B Ca'Dor and was arranged a room in the other location. Not much to say. Happy stay all the way around and grateful for the courtesy to take care of the other reservation for me.

La Corte de Milan

Milan, Italy

I ended up staying in Hotel Ambrosiana. My travel plans had changed and I wouldn't make it to Corte de Milan by their check in time. They did me the favor, though, of re-booking me at another property nearby which I greatly appreciated. The staff there had the friendliest gentleman I've encountered in my months in Europe. Pleasant experience.

Sweet Home Hospedagem

Lisbon, Portugal

Really happy with our stay. Thin walls (like almost every place I've stayed at in Europe), but not a big deal with earplugs. Breakfast is just cereal - also typical. Overall, very pleased and few/no complaints.

Porto Alive Hostel

Porto, Portugal

This hostel was great. Everything was good in our stay and it was a nice, cheap jewel of a place to stay at. Only downside was that we had booked the double room and it was right at the base of the steps that run the length of the hostel so it was a bit loud. Other than that, no complaints.

Hostal la Jerezana

Madrid, Spain

Booked this at the last minute, the day of, because I'd decided I didn't want to sleep in the airport that night. It was a great place to crash for a few hours: cheap and close to Puerta del Sol so we just hopped on the Metro in the morning to go to Barajas. Only downside: the street below is busy and popular, so bring earplugs if that'll bother you.

The Garden Backpacker

Seville, Spain

Absolutely stellar hostel, all the way around. Literally everything was great, except the location. It took a good bit of time to walk to the area where the Cathedral and Alcazar were, but it was still close enough to not be a real bother. This place is everything a hostel should be.

Barcelona 4 Fun Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Very basic hostel (no breakfast, no common room, spotty wifi) but a very good price. Only 15E a night each for private rooms was a steal. Location is very close to the port, but far from any of Gaudí's works. The shower didn't drain and, like others have mentioned, the walls very thing but it wasn't a bother.