Reviews: Anonymous

Zorbas Hotel

Athens, Greece

It was a good stay for what we wanted! Kind of a cramped room but it had AC


Santorini, Greece

so nice to stay right outside the city (Fera), free breakfast, nice pool, good suggestions on activities! (PS-bring your own lock for the lockers)


good location, spacious rooms, and helpful maps!


Nice and quiet

PLUS Camping Jolly

Venice, Italy

Nice for camp grounds, it wasn't all that buggy but my shoes did get stolen from outside my tent :\

Youthhostel Grindelwald

Grindelwald, Switzerland

VERY helpful staff, the receptionist knew the trails very well, good breakfast and spacious accommodations, to get into the city isn't bad but the trek uphill getting back to the hostel is steep!

Guesthouse Chapitre

Marseille, France

VERY helpful and informative staff,

Itaca Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

very inviting atmosphere! perfect location

Way Hostel

Madrid, Spain

perfect location, young crowd, had alternative trips already mapped out for you, such as visiting the neighboring city of Toledo (I also highly recommend that city if you're in Madrid)

Sevilla Hostel One Centro

Seville, Spain

very cool place but I had gnats buzzing around my head when I was showering...a bit gross but the character and location makes up for it

RC Miguel Angel

Madrid, Spain

It was perfect for a one or two night's stay, its pretty tiny but its nice and clean. We got a map with some information on it but that was about it, the staff was really helpful when we asked them questions

Wombats City Hostel Berlin

Berlin, Germany

TOTALLY WORTH IT! The staff knew the answer to every question we fired at them, it was the greatest!!