Reviews: Anonymous

The Fort Boutique Hostel

York, England

Part of this hostel is incredibly new. Has the cleanliness and comfort of the big, corporate party hostels without the undesirable atmosphere. It's in a great part of town too. Definitely a good choice.


Lovely location in Mont Martre, very near the Sacre Cour. The bedding is undeniably sub-par though. One sheet that also functions in place of a pillowcase and one thin blanket.


Decent location. Lockers and two levels of keycard-security.

Charlie Rockets

Bruges, Belgium

It's a good place to stay in Bruges, but they need to work on their security. Someone in my room lost 20 Euro when some guy walked in off the street, up the stairs, and into the room. Pretty frightening. Other than that it's a perfectly fine hostel.

Brussels Hostel Grand Place

Brussels, Belgium

Unbelievable location with very comfortable rooms. Perfect hostel for Bruxelles in my opinion. Don't worry about the check-in being at a different location. Check-in is actually between the Noord-Station and the hostel. Really not at all inconvenient.

Shelter Jordan

Amsterdam, Netherlands

Great hostel. Lovely location. Friendly people and the complimentary hot breakfast is a godsend.

St Christophers Prague

Prague, Czech Republic

This is a hostel that seems to care more about being a bar. Weekend nights are super noisy (bass and backbeat) until closing time. I asked for water at the bar and got turned away because people were buying drinks. Anyway, the electricity in a room is motion-triggered, so if your bunk is out of the sensor's field, you'll be bathed in darkness every ten minutes or so and your power socket will stop working. Also, they don't store luggage for you on check out day. They make you buy a locker.


This is a pretty huge hostel. It's one of the new sort targeting party-ish young folk, so if you're a party-ish young folk this should be perfect for you. If not, you'll feel rather out of place. Anyway, the location is good. 5-10 minute walk and you're in the thick of cultural Vienna.

St Christopher's Barcelona

Barcelona, Spain

Just not my style of hostel. If you're coming to Barcelona to party, this will probably be perfect for you. If you're on an extended trip engaging the cultural and historical wealth of Spain, the atmosphere and the guests in this huge, shiny hostel will get on your nerves. It's primarily students or gap-year interns on weekend trips hoping to hit the beach and the clubs. They fill the ground floor every night. But yeah, it's clean, less expensive, well-located and the beds have curtains.

Living Cat's Hostel

Madrid, Spain

Yeah, it's a good place to stay. Cool interior and cheap drinks at the bar.


Great Granada hostel. Killer location, really cool mansion interior, and a fantastic, friendly bar with low prices. Oh, and you walk through a bazaar to get to it. Just epically Granada.

Traveler's Inn Seville

Seville, Spain

Just a great way to do Seville. The building is awesomely authentic. The paella night is great. You get delicious paella and to experience the close community atmosphere of this hostel and its two sister hostels.

Feel Hostels Soho Malaga

Malaga, Spain

They lost my reservation. Bit disconcerting.

Abrahams Hostel

Dublin, Ireland

It's a fine hostel, but I should mention that someone stole my clothes/toiletries while I was out for the day and the staff didn't have a clue. They even stripped my bed for no apparent reason. I know, I know, I signed a waiver saying they're not responsible for my things, but something was off about this. None of the things taken we remotely valuable, which makes it seem like the staff disposed of them and stripped my bed, deciding I must have checked out two days early. Just bizarre.

The Walrus Hostel

London, England

Great Hostel. Friendly staff, warm beds (more comfortable than my University dorm bed), good location. Breakfast is only nominal though. If you need a solid breakfast don't count on getting here. Toast and juices. The showers are fine. The water cut off briefly but came back on just as warm as before. Anyway, good place to stay, especially for the cost.