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Mochileros Hostel Villavicencio

Villavicencio, Colombia

the people who run the hostel are very nice and helpful. only a couple other ppl staying when i was there. breakfast has actual eggs! not just toast like most places. also this seems to be the only hostel in town. wifi worked well. recommended.

Hostel The Roof

Cartagena, Colombia

individual lockers w outlets are great and rooftop is nice.. the problem is this hostel seems to be run for the benefit of its staff, who are the only ones that are really hanging out, cooking in their (nicer) staff kitchen, playing their own music loudly, some of them nice but it doesnt make for a very friendly/social atmosphere for the guests. one guy came in really early multiple times to clean and use the bathroom in my dorm, kept waking me, very annoying! i moved to mamallena hostel.

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we apologize for any inconvenience. The nicer kitchen that you commented about is NOT a staff kitchen its a kitchen built to offer our guesst the option to buy food, drinks and coctalis. we are very sorry if you couldnt be able to enjoy the ROOf TOP. We make sure to clean the bathrooms before all the guest wake up so that yould find it clean and neat. we invite everyone to come and enjoy the nicest roof top in town. make you ouw party invite other guests and create you own atmosphere. ROOF ROOF


Cusco, Peru

the wifi is amazingly fast! one of the few hostels in cusco w/ a kitchen and also one of the cheapest. the staff is one guy, who is not always around. biggest issue is lack of toilet paper or a sink in the bathroom, and the fact that the top bunk is right next to the ceiling/light for the whole room and very difficult to climb into. hot shower is really lukewarm at best. there are no lockers, but my bags and my food were still there when i came back after 4 days on the inca trail.

La Comarca Hostel

El Chalten, Argentina

everything was great! it is literally across the street from the bus station (great after a very long ride). the owner was super nice and helpful w/ a map and i was able to leave my bags there when i did an overnight camping trek the next day. i was even able to come back and shower after (everyone on the night bus w/ me that night thanks you!) the kitchen/dining area is very social and it was easy to meet other people. wifi isnt fast but that is true everywhere in this town!

Hostel Bekuo San Jose

San Jose, Costa Rica

be aware that this hostel is NOT near downtown or the bus stations; be careful of cab drivers that are RIP OFF ARTISTS, even if they are running the meter it doesn't mean it is correct, i was charged way too much to get here, more than 4 times the cost of the bed. the hostel itself was nice enough once you get there, and staff was helpful. not a traveler neighborhood, it's a rich suburb but certainly feels safe. breakfast was removed a little early and only lasts an hour. no lockers, good shower

Hostal El Momento

Granada, Nicaragua

best hostel i stayed at in central america, hands down! staff is super helpful, even opened the kitchen early so i could have breakfast before my bus, courtyard is beautiful, it is less than 2 blocks from parque central and very close to the best bar in town (reileys), good book exchange and wifi, kitchen had everything i needed. 24 hour security (i came in late and felt safe), the double beds are great, people are friendly, water refills only 5 cordobas. highly recommended.

Latina Hostal

Leon, Nicaragua

the owner was really nice and helpful! he even went to the store to get something for me b/c my foot was hurt and i was tired of hobbling around on it. he also let me cancel one of my nights stay w/ no problems when my travel plans changed, and check in early when i got off the night bus! the courtyard is nice and the wifi works well, even in the guestrooms (which has often not been the case at other places i've stayed). also it is close to the central park but on a quiet, residential street.

El Hostal

Antigua, Guatemala

the garden is quite nice, as is the free breakfast. kitchen is spotless and very well equipped. and it across the street from the best bar in town (cafe no se). def. recommended

Mojito House

Chiang Mai, Thailand

location is great but it lacks atmosphere the staff leaves and closes the doors at 8pm effectively shutting down the common room and no one hangs out there. also there is only one computer and only one person speaks enough english to communicate so if she isnt there you cant book any tours. but overall a fine place to stay for the money given that it is in central chiang mai and really close to the backpacker bars. also staying in a tent is a nice option bc you have a little bit of privacy.

Street Backpackers Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

someone stole my entire toiletry bag! and the same thing happened to another person during my stay there - it's bizarre, why would you want used toiletries? other than that, it was nice, the staff was friendly and helpful, they offer some free beer in the evening and people sit around and drink and watch tv. the common room could be bigger, and its not as social as some other places but you can always go hang out at hanoi backpackers and this place is cheaper than they are.

The White Rabbit

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

The staff was great and people were nice, also in addition to the bar they have an area where you can watch movies and play video games. the hostel is in a fairly nice neighborhood, not too loud, and is kept clean. getting there, just write down the street number (294) and make a right on 294 if heading down along the river (none of the drivers seemed to know where it is located).

Explorers House

Siem Reap, Cambodia

After I checked in I went out for dinner and drinks and they sold my bed to someone else! I had to sleep on the hard floor with only a very thin mat. At least they did refund my money but they had other people sitting on the floor as well and other people who made reservations that they didn't have room for, at a time when the rooms in the city are full. Also they only had one key for a ten person dorm so the door ends up unlocked anytime someone leaves at night which is a serious security prob


Having read the reviews I stayed here hoping for a fun social place. But it was pretty deserted bxt full moon parties w only a couple other ppl staying there and the restaurant bar downstairs wasn't open. And u can get a bungalow on the beach for the same price. I would be a great place to stay during the party tho.

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Thank you for your comment. We have many people to fullmoon, Halfmoon and Blackmoon. The bar is always open! against by the restaurant is closed four days per month.