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I really enjoyed my 6 nights here. The reception and travel desk were always there to help out guests. The bar was a great place to chat with other travelers. It was also a popular spot for expat English teachers to meet up. The dormitories were excellent; very clean and had many places to keep your things locked up. They had separate bathroom and shower rooms in each room, and others down the hallway if you don't want to wake everybody up.

Mama Naxi`s Guesthouse

Lijiang, China

Mama Naxi (nah-shee) is so kind! She gave me a bunch of snacks and a big kiss on the cheek when I left for the train station. It's tough to find so get oriented with a map before hand. Don't be afraid to ask nearby restaurants for directions. Most people on the streets are tourists and will be lost too! The breakfasts were decent, but there may be better options outside the hostel. The building itself is built in the Naxi style, it's got all the amenities of other hostels.