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Ace Inn Shinjuku

Tokyo, Japan

The problems: You can not find a outlet in your capsule (you can plug your staff in the outlet that is in the corridor. It is safe). I had a problem with the bed bugs. I had stay in 6th floor and i think my bed was fasted with bed bugs. A part from this problems hostel is good. Good location. And one other thing there is curfew between 2 am to 4:30 am, which those not matter because if you are going for nightlife the Tokyo metro's last train is around 12:30 and starts at 5 am.

Capsule Inn Kinshichou

Tokyo, Japan

The hostel has a japanese style bathroom, which for me was not a problem. Since i am not shy to be naked in front of other people, but i thought this should me mentioned. Cleanliness is average, beds are clean but the corridors aren't. good part is they are 24 hour open. Biggest set back is that you can not find a outlet in your capsule so i have to plug your staff in the outlet, which you find in the corridor. The security is good, nothing was stolen during my stay.


Osaka, Japan

UK Osaka is excellent value for money, the location of hostel is excellent. I intend to visit Osaka again and i will no doubt will stay in this Hostel. It is 5 min. by walking distant to Dotonbori. 2 min. to Yotsubashi subway station. Perfect location. I highly reccommend.