Reviews: seanwake

Location: USA, Gender: Male, Age: 29

one of the best hostels I have stayed at in 4 months of traveling, all the employees were great, the atmosphere was fantastic.

Deejai Backpacker

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Awesome place all around, staff was great

Golden Time Hostel

Hanoi, Vietnam

The staff was the best that I have experienced on my whole Trip. Alice, Michael, David and Tony were excellent providing tours, keeping the place safe etc. They were welcoming and always helpful. The hostel is clean and spacious, stay here if you can!

Sunflower Hotel Hoi An

Hoi An, Vietnam

great for younger crowd

Phan Lan 2

Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Nice place, great staff, great location and clean


good for partiers, younger crowds

Canterbury House Christchurch

Christchurch, New Zealand

Cool garden, lacking a good feel. Kind of creepy

Rosemere Backpackers and Budget Lodge

Wellington, New Zealand

This was my first hostel i stayed at so i waited until i stayed at some more before reviewing it. Pro's: Everyone was great, a real sense of community there with the long termers. The common area is great and so is the tv room. The atmosphere is what makes it, it is clean enough, nothing spectacular but it didn't feel dirty. Staff was cool, only cons were the internet but the library is a short walk away for free internet.