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MNL Boracay Beach Hostel

Boracay Island, Philippines

Air conditioning is CRITICAL and this place had amazing A/C. Really fun crew (good luck too!) good breakfast, good location, big beds, storage space... pretty much everything you could ever want or need. Huge recommend :)

Cimas Del Sol

San Pedro de Atacama, Chile

Great group of people running the place, and very fun group of people staying there! Don't be intimidated by the short distance from town - the staff is great about shuttling people to and from town and it's nice to have the additional space and beautiful scenery you get from escaping a bit. It's a really cool location - complete with hammocks and puppies - and provides everything you need close by. Huge recommendation!

Don King Hostel

Buenos Aires, Argentina

No customer comment

Casa Gracia Barcelona Hostel

Barcelona, Spain

Amazing spot! I went alone and made lots of friends, really friendly staff (and awesome) and great location. Would like to move in forever :) thanks for an incredible trip!!

Urban Garden Hostel

Lisbon, Portugal

Well not to sound like a broken record, but this place is seriously awesome. It still amazes me that it was as cheap as it is... it was an incredible deal for everything that was included. I had big expectations for the Nick character all these reviews raved about, and without fail the owner was incredibly helpful, fun, and ridiculously likeable. I came to Lisbon alone on a sunday night, and STILL managed to have an amazing time. Awesome people, awesome vibe, great deal, perfect location. GO!!!