Reviews: Anonymous

Brussels Hello Hostel

Brussels, Belgium

A stark, bright hostel on the outskirts of town. Our room (6 person female) was large and clean. The washrooms were clean and plentiful as well. There wasn't much of an atmosphere in the hostel, which was no problem for me as I was there to explore the city! It is fairly far from the city center, but easy to access if one uses the subway system.

Hotel San Tomaso

Milan, Italy

This is a clean, plain hostel. We were two 21 y/o girls traveling together. I wish we had requested a female only room, as this is not a youth hostel and we shared a room with 2 rather strange older men (our fault, not the hostels.) There is no communal kitchen or true common area. The hotel (hostel?) served its purpose, but it certainly didn't wow. There are only 2 toilets/showers for the entire hotel.

Hostel Santa Monaca

Florence, Italy

This is a plain hostel in the city center. It was easy to access all the tourist sights by foot which was nice. The hostel is rather enormous and there isn't a whole lot of character. I did however like the communal area and was a good place to meet people.

Belford Hostel

Edinburgh, Scotland

The space was clean, but the 6 person room was especially small, same size as a 4 person but with an extra bed. Not too far from town if you take a direct route (which I didn't initially...oops.)